(515 ILCS 5/1-120) (from Ch. 56, par. 1-120)
    Sec. 1-120. Seasons; daily limits. The seasons during which protected aquatic life may be taken and the size limits and daily catch limits set out in this Code are based upon a proper biological balance and shall be regulated by administrative rule.
    The Department may not provide for a longer season or a larger daily catch limit than is provided in this Code, except as provided by Section 1-150.
    The Department shall modify existing provisions, when necessary, including open seasons, size limits, quotas, limited entry, and methods of taking fish from the waters of Lake Michigan under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois, in order that the compact between the Canadian provinces and those States of the United States adjacent to the Great Lakes, including the United States and Canadian Governments, may be fulfilled in the best interests of the fisheries resources and the general public.
    Employees or agents of any federal, State, or municipal government or body, when engaged in investigative work, may by prior written approval of the Director be exempted from this Code.
(Source: P.A. 87-833.)