(515 ILCS 5/10-110) (from Ch. 56, par. 10-110)
    Sec. 10-110. Taking carp, catfish, buffalo, suckers, gar, bowfin, shad, and drum.
    (a) Carp, catfish, buffalo, suckers, gar, bowfin, shad, and drum may be taken by means of a pitchfork, underwater spear gun, bow and arrow or bow and arrow device, including a sling shot bow, spear, or gig. Each person taking fish by these means shall possess a valid sport fishing license. Fish taken by these means shall not be sold or bartered except as authorized by the Department. The daily take, harvest limits, or additional species are subject to and set forth in administrative rule.
    (b) It is unlawful for any person to take or attempt to take aquatic life as provided in subsection (a) along, upon, across, or from any public right-of-way or highway in this State.
(Source: P.A. 102-369, eff. 1-1-22.)