(515 ILCS 5/20-115) (from Ch. 56, par. 20-115)
    Sec. 20-115. Form of licenses, stamps, and permits. Licenses, salmon stamps, inland trout stamps, and permits authorized to be issued under this Code shall be prepared by the Department and shall be in the form prescribed by the Department. In addition, at the time of issuance, the information required on each license shall be completed on it by the issuing agent or his or her sub-agent and each license shall be signed by the licensee, or initialed by the designated purchaser and then signed immediately upon receipt by the licensee, and counter-signed by the issuing agent or his or her sub-agent. All licenses shall be supplied by the Department, subject to any rules and regulations as the Department may prescribe. Any license not properly prepared, obtained, and signed as required by this Code shall be void.
(Source: P.A. 90-225, eff. 7-25-97.)