(515 ILCS 5/20-85) (from Ch. 56, par. 20-85)
    Sec. 20-85. Taxidermist license.
    (a) Before engaging in the business of taxidermy, every person shall obtain a license for that purpose from the Department. Application for a license shall be filed with the Department and shall set forth the name of the applicant; its principal officers, if the applicant is a corporation, or the partners, if the applicant is a partnership; the location of the place of business; and any additional information the Department may require. The annual fee for each taxidermist license shall be $25. All licenses issued to taxidermists are valid only at the location described and designated on the application for the license. All taxidermist licenses shall expire on March 31 of each year. Individuals employed by a licensed taxidermist shall not be required to possess a taxidermist license while working for and at the place of business of the license holder.
    Licensed taxidermists shall submit to the Department a list naming all individuals who will be working at the place of business specified on the permit. Only those individuals whose names are on file with the Department shall be authorized to work under the scope of the taxidermist's license.
    (b) Taxidermists shall keep written records of all aquatic life or parts of aquatic life received or returned by them. Records shall include the following information:
        (1) The date the aquatic life was received.
        (2) The name and address of the person from whom the
aquatic life was received.
        (3) The number and species of all aquatic life
        (4) The number and state of issuance of the fishing
license, or special Department permit, of the person from whom the aquatic life was received. In the absence of a license or permit number, the taxidermist may rely on the written certification of the person from whom the aquatic life was received that the specimen was legally taken or obtained, or, in the event the person is exempt from the apposite license requirements, an indication of the exemption.
    (c) All aquatic life or parts of aquatic life that have been received, preserved, mounted, or possessed by a taxidermist are required to bear a coded origin tag or label. The coded origin tag or label shall correspond with written records containing more complete information as required by the Department.
    (d) Taxidermy records shall be open for inspection by any peace officer at any reasonable hour. Taxidermists shall maintain records for a period of 2 years from the date of receipt of the aquatic life or for as long as the specimen or mount remains in the taxidermist's possession, whichever is longer.
    The Department may require the taxidermist to submit to it any information it deems necessary.
    (e) No taxidermist shall have in his or her possession any aquatic life that is not listed in his or her written records and properly tagged or labeled.
    (f) All persons licensed as taxidermists under this Code who shall ship any aquatic life or parts of aquatic life that have been received, preserved, or mounted shall tag or label the shipment and the tag or label shall state the name of the taxidermist and the number and date of his or her license.
    (g) Nothing in this Section removes taxidermists from responsibility for the observance of any federal laws, rules, or regulations that may apply to the taxidermy business.
(Source: P.A. 100-256, eff. 1-1-18.)