(705 ILCS 95/5)
    Sec. 5. Findings.
    (a) The justice system in this State can only function fairly and effectively when there is meaningful access to legal information, resources, and assistance for all litigants, regardless of their income or circumstances.
    (b) Increasing numbers of people throughout this State, including an increasing number of active duty service members and veterans, are coming into the courts without legal representation for cases involving important legal matters impacting the basics of life such as health, safety, and shelter. In order for the courts to provide fair and efficient administration of justice in these cases, it is critical that people, and active duty service members and veterans in particular, have better access to varying levels of legal assistance appropriate for their individual circumstances, which will reduce the number of cases the courts must manage and reduce unnecessary backlogs and delays in the court system for the benefit of all litigants.
    (c) An increasing number of active duty service members and veterans in this State have a need for legal information and assistance in a variety of matters that are often critical to their safety and independence, yet they are often unable to access that assistance. Providing access to legal advice and a referral system of attorneys for veterans and active duty service members, who often have underlying issues as a result of their military service, increases the efficiency of the court system and advances access to justice for everyone in this State.
(Source: P.A. 98-351, eff. 8-15-13; 99-281, eff. 8-5-15.)