(705 ILCS 220/1) (from Ch. 32, par. 411)
    Sec. 1. It shall be unlawful for a corporation to practice law or appear as an attorney at law for any reason in any court in this state or before any judicial body, or to make it a business to practice as an attorney at law for any person in any said courts or to hold itself out to the public as being entitled to practice law or to render or furnish legal services or advice or to furnish attorneys or counsel or to render legal services of any kind in actions or proceedings of any nature or in any other way or manner to assume to be entitled to practice law, or to assume, use and advertise the title of lawyers or attorney, attorney at law, or equivalent terms in any language in such manner as to convey the impression that it is entitled to practice law, or to furnish legal advice, furnish attorneys or counsel, or to advertise that either alone or together with, or by or through, any person, whether a duly and regularly admitted attorney at law or not, it has, owns, conducts or maintains a law office or an office for the practice of law or for furnishing legal advice, services or counsel.
(Source: Laws 1917, p. 309.)