(720 ILCS 5/12-20.6)
    Sec. 12-20.6. Abuse of a corpse.
    (a) In this Section:
    "Corpse" means the dead body of a human being.
    "Sexual conduct" has the meaning ascribed to the term in Section 11-0.1 of this Code.
    (b) A person commits abuse of a corpse if he or she intentionally:
        (1) engages in sexual conduct with a corpse or
involving a corpse; or
        (2) removes or carries away a corpse and is not
authorized by law to do so.
    (c) Sentence.
        (1) A person convicted of violating paragraph (1) of
subsection (b) of this Section is guilty of a Class 2 felony.
        (2) A person convicted of violating paragraph (2) of
subsection (b) of this Section is guilty of a Class 4 felony.
    (d) Paragraph (2) of subsection (b) of this Section does not apply to:
        (1) persons employed by a county medical examiner's
office or coroner's office acting within the scope of their employment;
        (2) the acts of a licensed funeral director or
embalmer while performing acts authorized by the Funeral Directors and Embalmers Licensing Code;
        (3) cemeteries and cemetery personnel while
performing acts pursuant to a bona fide request from the involved cemetery consumer or his or her heirs, or pursuant to an interment or disinterment permit or a court order, or as authorized under Section 14.5 of the Cemetery Protection Act, or any other actions legally authorized for cemetery employees;
        (4) the acts of emergency medical personnel or
physicians performed in good faith and according to the usual and customary standards of medical practice in an attempt to resuscitate a life;
        (5) physicians licensed to practice medicine in all
of its branches or holding a visiting professor, physician, or resident permit under the Medical Practice Act of 1987, performing acts in accordance with usual and customary standards of medical practice, or a currently enrolled student in an accredited medical school in furtherance of his or her education at the accredited medical school; or
        (6) removing or carrying away a corpse by the
employees, independent contractors, or other persons designated by the federally designated organ procurement agency engaged in the organ and tissue procurement process.
(Source: P.A. 97-1072, eff. 8-24-12.)