(725 ILCS 5/108-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 108-1)
    Sec. 108-1. Search without warrant.
    (1) When a lawful arrest is effected a peace officer may reasonably search the person arrested and the area within such person's immediate presence for the purpose of:
        (a) protecting the officer from attack; or
        (b) preventing the person from escaping; or
        (c) discovering the fruits of the crime; or
        (d) discovering any instruments, articles, or things
which may have been used in the commission of, or which may constitute evidence of, an offense.
    (2) (Blank).
    (3) A law enforcement officer may not search or inspect a motor vehicle, its contents, the driver, or a passenger solely because of a violation of Section 12-603.1 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.
(Source: P.A. 93-99, eff. 7-3-03.)