(730 ILCS 135/6) (from Ch. 38, par. 1106)
    Sec. 6. The Department of Public Health shall establish by regulation minimum standards for water supply, sewage and solid waste disposal, food service sanitation, rodent and insect control, water hazards, first aid, and communicable disease control. The Department shall conduct public hearings on all such proposed standards and all amendments thereto. At least 20 days notice of the public hearings shall be given by the Department in such manner as the Department considers adequate to bring the hearings to the attention of all persons and State agencies interested in the standards. Written notice of any such public hearing shall be given by the Department to the Director of Corrections and to those who file a written request for a notice of any such hearings. Hearings shall be conducted by the Director of the Department of Public Health or a hearing officer designated in writing by the Director.
    The Department shall develop the standards in cooperation with the Department of Corrections and shall consult with the Director of Corrections before adopting or amending the standards.
(Source: P.A. 81-646.)