(740 ILCS 10/3) (from Ch. 38, par. 60-3)
    Sec. 3. Every person shall be deemed to have committed a violation of this Act who shall:
    (1) Make any contract with, or engage in any combination or conspiracy with, any other person who is, or but for a prior agreement would be, a competitor of such person:
    a. for the purpose or with the effect of fixing, controlling, or maintaining the price or rate charged for any commodity sold or bought by the parties thereto, or the fee charged or paid for any service performed or received by the parties thereto;
    b. fixing, controlling, maintaining, limiting, or discontinuing the production, manufacture, mining, sale or supply of any commodity, or the sale or supply of any service, for the purpose or with the effect stated in paragraph a. of subsection (1);
    c. allocating or dividing customers, territories, supplies, sales, or markets, functional or geographical, for any commodity or service; or
    (2) By contract, combination, or conspiracy with one or more other persons unreasonably restrain trade or commerce; or
    (3) Establish, maintain, use, or attempt to acquire monopoly power over any substantial part of trade or commerce of this State for the purpose of excluding competition or of controlling, fixing, or maintaining prices in such trade or commerce; or
    (4) Lease or make a sale or contract for sale of goods, wares, merchandise, machinery, supplies, or other commodities, or services (including master antenna television service), whether patented or unpatented, for use, consumption, enjoyment, or resale, or fix a price charged thereof, or discount from, or rebate upon, such price, on the condition, agreement, or understanding that the lessee or purchaser thereof shall not use or deal in the goods, wares, merchandise, machinery, supplies, or other commodity or service (including cable television service or cable television relay service), of a competitor or competitors of the lessor or seller, where the effect of such lease, sale or contract for such sale or such condition, agreement, or understanding may be to substantially lessen competition or tend to create a monopoly in any line of commerce; or
    (5) Being an employee, officer or agent of any foreign government, or an employee, officer or agent of a corporation or other entity which does business with or seeks to do business with any foreign government or instrumentality thereof; enforce, attempt to enforce, agree to or take action to forward the aims of, any discriminatory practice by the foreign government which is based on race, color, creed, national ancestry or sex or on ethnic or religious grounds, where such conduct, course of conduct, or agreement takes place in whole or in part within the United States and affects business in this State.
(Source: P.A. 82-219.)