(740 ILCS 40/4) (from Ch. 100 1/2, par. 17)
    Sec. 4. The defendant shall be held to answer the allegations of the complaint as in other civil proceedings. At all hearings upon the merits, evidence of the general reputation of such place, of the inmates thereof, and of those resorting thereto, shall be admissible for the purpose of proving the existence of such nuisance. If the complaint is filed upon the relation of a citizen, the proceeding shall not be dismissed for want of prosecution, nor upon motion of such relator, unless there is filed with such motion a sworn statement made by such relator and his attorney, setting forth the reasons therefor, and unless such dismissal is approved by the State's Attorney in writing or in open court. If the court is of the opinion that such proceeding ought not to be dismissed, the court may overrule such motion and may enter an order directing the State's Attorney to prosecute such cause to final determination. The cause shall be heard immediately upon issue being joined, and if the hearing is continued the court may permit any citizen of the county consenting thereto to be substituted for the original relator. If any such complaint is filed upon the relation of a citizen, and the court find that there was no reasonable ground or cause for filing the same, the costs may be taxed against such relator.
(Source: Laws 1965, p. 3637.)