(740 ILCS 105/2) (from Ch. 100 1/2, par. 2)
    Sec. 2. The State's Attorney or any citizen of the county in which such a nuisance exists, may file a complaint, in the name of the People of the State of Illinois, perpetually to enjoin all persons from maintaining or permitting such nuisance, and to abate the same, and to enjoin the use of such building or apartment, or such place for any purpose, for a period of one year. Upon the filing of a verified complaint therefor, in the circuit court, the court, if satisfied that the nuisance complained of exists, shall enter a preliminary injunction, with bond unless the complaint is filed by the State's Attorney, in such amount as the court may determine, enjoining the defendant from maintaining any such nuisance within the jurisdiction of the court ordering the injunctive relief. No such injunction may be entered, however, except on behalf of an owner or agent, unless it is made to appear to the satisfaction of the court that (1) the owner or agent of such building or apartment or of such place, knew or had been personally served with a notice signed by the plaintiff; (2) such notice has been served upon such owner or such agent of such building or apartment or place at least 5 days prior thereto; (3) such building or apartment or such place, specifically describing the same, was being so used, naming the date or dates of its being so used; and (4) such owner or agent had failed to abate such nuisance, or that upon diligent inquiry such owner or agent could not be found within the United States for the service of such preliminary notice. The lessee, if any, of the building or apartment, or of the place shall be made a party defendant to such complaint.
(Source: P.A. 83-346.)