(740 ILCS 105/5) (from Ch. 100 1/2, par. 5)
    Sec. 5. If the existence of the nuisance is established, the court shall enter a judgment perpetually restraining all persons from maintaining or permitting such nuisance, and from using the building or apartment, or the place in which it is maintained for any purpose for a period of one year thereafter, unless such judgment is sooner vacated, as provided in this Act, and perpetually restraining the defendant from maintaining any such nuisance within the jurisdiction of the court. While the judgment remains in effect, such building or apartment, or such place shall be in the custody of the court. An order of abatement shall also be entered as a part of such judgment, which order shall direct the sheriff of the county to remove from such building or apartment, or such place all fixtures and movable property used in conducting or aiding or abetting such nuisance, and to sell the same in the manner provided by law for the sale of chattels in the enforcement of a judgment, and to close such building or apartment or such place against its use for any purpose, and to keep it closed for a period of one year unless sooner released as hereinafter provided. The sheriff's fees for removing and selling the movable property shall be taxed as a part of the costs, and shall be the same as those for levying upon and selling like property in the enforcement of a judgment. For closing the building and keeping it closed the court shall allow a reasonable fee to be taxed as part of the costs. No injunction may be entered against an owner, nor may an order be entered requiring that any building or apartment, or any place be closed or kept closed, if it appears that such owner and his agent have in good faith endeavored to prevent such nuisance. Nothing in this Act authorizes any relief respecting any other apartment than that in which such a nuisance exists.
(Source: P.A. 84-546.)