(745 ILCS 10/9-104) (from Ch. 85, par. 9-104)
    Sec. 9-104. (a) Subject to subsection (b) of this Section, if a local public entity does not pay a tort judgment during the fiscal year in which it becomes final and if, in the opinion of its governing body, the payment of the judgment creates an unreasonable financial hardship for the local public entity it shall pay the balance of the judgment, with interest thereon, in installments.
    (b) The court which enters judgment shall order that the governing body pay the judgment, with interest thereon, in not exceeding 10 annual installments if both of the following conditions are satisfied:
    (1) The governing body of the local public entity has adopted an ordinance or resolution finding that an unreasonable hardship will result unless the judgment is paid in installments.
    (2) The court, after hearing, has found that payment of the judgment in installments as ordered by the court is necessary to avoid an unreasonable hardship.
    (c) Each installment payment shall be of an equal portion of the principal of the judgment except that where a judgment is $500,000 or more the court may, upon a showing by the plaintiff of an extraordinary need for immediate funds in order to secure medical necessities immediately after judgment including, but not limited to, equipment, supplies, medication, residence or other items, order that unequal payments of the principal of the judgment be made in proportions to be determined by the court, but in no event shall any increase in a payment cause such payment to be greater than 50% of the judgment. The local public entity, in its discretion, may prepay any one or more installments or any part of an installment.
    (d) A local public entity shall have the power to enter into a settlement agreement subject to a term not to exceed the period of years negotiated by the parties.
(Source: P.A. 84-1431.)