(755 ILCS 5/28-7) (from Ch. 110 1/2, par. 28-7)
    Sec. 28-7. Spouse and child awards.) (a) When an award under Section 15-1 or 15-2 is allowable and is not waived or barred, an independent representative may pay the award determined under Section 15-1 or 15-2 without application to the court unless the aggregate of all awards exceeds 5% of the gross value of the estate at the date of death, as determined by the independent representative; but the minimum amount of any award under Section 15-1 or 15-2 may be paid in any event without application to the court.
    (b) The independent representative shall give notice of the allowance of the award as provided in subsection 15-3(a). When an independent representative makes an award without application to the court, each person having a right of selection of goods and chattels under Section 15-4 may file his selection with the independent representative within 30 days after he is notified in writing of the allowance of the award.
(Source: P.A. 81-213.)