(765 ILCS 5/26) (from Ch. 30, par. 25)
    Sec. 26. A certificate of acknowledgment, substantially in the following form, shall be sufficient:
State of (name of state),  )
                           ) ss.
County of (name of county).)
    I (here give name of officer and his official title) certify that (name of grantor, and if acknowledged by the spouse, his or her name, and add "his or her spouse") personally known to me to be the same person whose name is (or are) subscribed to the foregoing instrument, appeared before me this day in person, and acknowledged that he (she or they) signed and delivered the instrument as his (her or their) free and voluntary act, for the uses and purposes therein set forth.
Dated (insert date).
(Signature of officer).
(Source: P.A. 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)