(820 ILCS 65/30)
    Sec. 30. Powers of Director of Labor.
    (a) Pursuant to the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, the Director of Labor shall prescribe such rules as may be necessary to carry out this Act. The rules shall, at a minimum, include provisions that allow the parties access to administrative hearings for any actions of the Department under this Act. The provisions of the Administrative Review Law, and the rules adopted pursuant thereto, apply to and govern all proceedings for the judicial review of decisions under this Act.
    (b) In any investigation or proceeding under this Act, the Director of Labor has, in addition to all other powers granted by law, the authority to examine the books and records of an employer, but only to the extent to determine whether a violation of this Act has occurred.
    (c) Except as provided in this Section, information obtained from any employer subject to this Act regarding the books, records, or wages paid to workers during the administration of this Act shall:
        (1) be confidential;
        (2) not be published or open to public inspection;
        (3) not be used in any court in any pending action or
proceeding; and
        (4) not be admissible in evidence in any action or
proceeding other than one arising out of this Act.
     (d) No finding, determination, decision, ruling, or order (including any finding of fact, statement, or conclusion made therein) issued pursuant to this Act shall be admissible or used in evidence in any action other than one arising out of this Act, nor shall it be binding or conclusive except as provided in the Act, nor shall it constitute res judicata, regardless of whether the actions were between the same or related parties or involved the same facts.
    (e) Any officer or employer of this State, any officer or employee of any entity authorized to obtain information pursuant to this Section, and any agent of this State or of such entity who, except with authority of the Director under this Section, discloses information is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor and is disqualified from holding any appointment or employment by the State.
    (f) The Director of Labor has the authority to determine any liabilities or civil penalties under Section 35 and Section 40 of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 93-915, eff. 1-1-05.)