(745 ILCS 10/) Local Governmental and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act.

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Article I - General Provisions
Part 1 - Short Title, Construction And Application Of The Act
Part 2 - General Definitions
Article II - General Provisions Relating To Immunity
Part 1 - Immunity Of Local Public Entities
Part 2 - Immunity Of Public Employees
Part 3 - Indemnification Of Public Employees
Article III - Immunity From Liability For Injury Occurring In The Use Of Public Property
Article IV - Police And Correctional Activities
Article V - Fire Protection And Rescue Services
Article VI - Medical, Hospital And Public Health Activities
Article VIA - Public And Community Service Programs
Article VII - Tort Liability Under Agreements Between Local Public Entities
Article VIII - Actions Against Local Public Entities And Public Employees--Limitations, Notice
Article IX - Payment Of Claims And Judgment
Article X - Repealer; Effective Date