(755 ILCS 5/) Probate Act of 1975.

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Article I - General Provisions
Article II - Descent And Distribution
Article III - Simultaneous Deaths
Article IV - Wills
Article IVa - Presumptively Void Transfers
Article V - Place Of Probate Of Will Or Of Administration
Article VI - Probate Of Wills And Issuance Of Letters Of Office
Article VII - Probate Of Foreign Wills And Estates Of Nonresidents
Article VIII - Will Contests
Article IX - Letters Of Administration
Article X - Administrators To Collect
Article XI - Minors
Article XIa - Guardians For Adults With Disabilities
Article XII - Bonds - Oaths - Acceptance of Office
Article XIII - Public Administrators, Guardians and Conservators
Article XIV - Inventory And Appraisal
Article XV - Spouse And Child Awards
Article XVI - Recovery Of Property And Discovery Of Information
Article XVIII - Claims Against Estates
Article XIX - Administration of Personal Estate
Article XX - Administration Of Real Estate
Article XXI - Investments by Representative
Article XXII - Nonresident Representative
Article XXIII - Resignation And Removal Of Representative
Article XXIV - Accounts
Article XXV - Small Estates
Article XXVI - Appeals And Post-Judgment Motions
Article XXVII - Miscellaneous
Article XXVIII - Independent Administration Of Decedents' Estates
Article XXX - Repeal - Savings Clause - Effective Date