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Illinois Compiled Statutes

Information maintained by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Updating the database of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) is an ongoing process. Recent laws may not yet be included in the ILCS database, but they are found on this site as Public Acts soon after they become law. For information concerning the relationship between statutes and Public Acts, refer to the Guide.

Because the statute database is maintained primarily for legislative drafting purposes, statutory changes are sometimes included in the statute database before they take effect. If the source note at the end of a Section of the statutes includes a Public Act that has not yet taken effect, the version of the law that is currently in effect may have already been removed from the database and you should refer to that Public Act to see the changes made to the current law.

(65 ILCS 5/) Illinois Municipal Code.

65 ILCS 5/11-119.2-10

    (65 ILCS 5/11-119.2-10) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-119.2-10)
    Sec. 11-119.2-10. Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, the State of Illinois and all its public officers, governmental units, agencies and instrumentalities, all banks, trust companies, savings banks and institutions, building and loan associations, savings and loan associations, investment companies, and others carrying on a banking business, all insurance companies, insurance associations and others carrying on any insurance business, and all executors, administrators, guardians, trustees and other fiduciaries may legally invest any sinking funds, money, or other funds belonging to them or within their control in any bonds issued pursuant to this Division and the bonds shall be authorized security for any and all public deposits.
(Source: P.A. 84-1221.)

65 ILCS 5/11-119.2-11

    (65 ILCS 5/11-119.2-11) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-119.2-11)
    Sec. 11-119.2-11. A. This Division shall be construed liberally to effectuate its legislative intent and purpose, as complete and independent authority for the performance of each and every act and thing authorized by this Division, and all authority granted shall be broadly interpreted to effectuate this intent and purpose and not as a limitation of powers. This Division is expressly not a limit on any of the powers granted any unit of local government of this State by constitution, statute, charter or otherwise, other than when the unit of local government is acting expressly pursuant to this Division.
    B. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Division and any other law or charter provision, the provisions of this Division shall prevail.
    C. Any provision of this Division which may be determined by competent authority to be prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction shall, as to such jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions hereof, and any such prohibition or unenforceability in any jurisdiction shall not invalidate or render unenforceable such provision in any other jurisdiction.
(Source: P.A. 84-1221.)

65 ILCS 5/Art 11 prec Div 120

    (65 ILCS 5/Art 11 prec Div 120 heading)

65 ILCS 5/Art. 11 Div. 120

    (65 ILCS 5/Art. 11 Div. 120 heading)

65 ILCS 5/11-120-1

    (65 ILCS 5/11-120-1) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-120-1)
    Sec. 11-120-1. The corporate authorities of any city, village or incorporated town may levy, annually, a tax of not to exceed .03% of the value, as equalized or assessed by the Department of Revenue, on all taxable property therein, to provide revenue for the purpose of operating, maintaining and improving any local transportation system owned and operated by such city, village or incorporated town. This tax shall be in addition to all taxes authorized by law to be levied and collected in the municipality and shall be in addition to the amount authorized to be levied for general purposes as provided by Section 8-3-1.
(Source: P.A. 81-1509.)

65 ILCS 5/11-120-2

    (65 ILCS 5/11-120-2) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-120-2)
    Sec. 11-120-2. This Division 120 shall not be in force in any city, village or incorporated town until the question of its adoption is certified by the clerk and submitted to the electors of the city, village or incorporated town and approved by a majority of those voting on the question.
    The question shall be in substantially the following form:
    Shall Division 120 of the Illinois
Municipal Code permitting                     YES
municipalities to levy an additional
annual tax of not to exceed .03%          --------------------
for the purpose of operating,
maintaining and improving local               NO
transportation systems be adopted?
    If a majority of the votes cast on the question is in favor of adopting this Division 120, such division shall be adopted. It shall be in force in the adopting city, village or incorporated town for the purpose of the fiscal years succeeding the year in which the election is held.
(Source: P.A. 81-1489.)

65 ILCS 5/Art. 11 Div. 121

    (65 ILCS 5/Art. 11 Div. 121 heading)

65 ILCS 5/11-121-1

    (65 ILCS 5/11-121-1) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-121-1)
    Sec. 11-121-1. Every municipality may construct or enter into contracts for the construction of or to otherwise acquire in, under, upon, across, or along the streets, alleys, and public places of the municipality, and in, under, and upon any other property owned by the municipality or leased to it for the purpose, subways for local transportation and other public utility purposes and for any other municipal purpose. The term "subways" as used in this Division 121, includes all tunnels, entrances, exits, passageways, connections, approaches, inclines, elevators, stations, and other structures, equipment, appliances, or appurtenant property, appropriate to a system of such subways.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 576.)

65 ILCS 5/11-121-2

    (65 ILCS 5/11-121-2) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-121-2)
    Sec. 11-121-2. Every municipality may acquire in the manner provided for by any law of eminent domain of this state, any real or personal property necessary or convenient for the purpose of constructing and operating subways, as provided in Section 11-121-1.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 576.)

65 ILCS 5/11-121-3

    (65 ILCS 5/11-121-3) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-121-3)
    Sec. 11-121-3. The cost of constructing or otherwise acquiring such subways, or the property necessary or appropriate for the operation thereof, or such part of that cost as may be just and reasonable, may be levied in any municipality upon and collected from the property specially benefited thereby, if any, in the manner provided by Article 9.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 576.)