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(65 ILCS 5/) Illinois Municipal Code.

65 ILCS 5/11-63-7

    (65 ILCS 5/11-63-7) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-63-7)
    Sec. 11-63-7. The managing authority may accept any gift of real or personal property, but if the acceptance will subject the municipality to expense, or is subject to a condition, it shall be subject to approval by the corporate authorities.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 576.)

65 ILCS 5/11-63-8

    (65 ILCS 5/11-63-8) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-63-8)
    Sec. 11-63-8. Any 2 or more contiguous municipalities, which have voted to establish a community building or buildings, may jointly establish, equip, operate and maintain the same. Any school board or park board, if otherwise authorized, may join with any municipality in the establishment, equipment, operation and maintenance of a community building or buildings. In any case of joint management, the terms shall be fixed by agreement of the corporate authorities thereof.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 576.)

65 ILCS 5/11-63-9

    (65 ILCS 5/11-63-9) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-63-9)
    Sec. 11-63-9. Any community building may be dedicated to the soldiers and sailors of the municipality in such manner as the managing authority determines, or in the event that 50% or more of the cost of the building is paid for by donations or legacies, it may be dedicated in accordance with the terms, if any, of the instrument by which the donation or legacy is made.
(Source: P.A. 83-388.)