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90th General Assembly

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      70 ILCS 3705/4            from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 191
          Amends the  Public  Water  District  Act.   Increases  to
      $1,500 per year (now $600 per year) the salary of trustees of
      a  water  district.  Increases to $3,000 per year (now $1,200
      per year) the salary for trustees of a public water  district
      that  operates  sewerage  properties  in combination with its
      waterworks properties.  Effective immediately.
 1        AN ACT to amend the Public Water District Act by changing
 2    Section 4.
 3        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:
 5        Section  5.   The Public Water District Act is amended by
 6    changing Section 4 as follows:
 7        (70 ILCS 3705/4) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 191)
 8        Sec. 4.  A board of trustees consisting of 7 members  for
 9    the  government, control and management of the affairs of the
10    business of each such water district organized under this Act
11    shall be created in the following manner:
12        (1)  If the district lies wholly within a single township
13    but does not also lie wholly within a municipality, the board
14    of trustees of that township shall appoint the  trustees  for
15    the  district  but  no voting member of the township board is
16    eligible for such appointment;
17        (2)  If  the  district  is  wholly  contained  within   a
18    municipality,  the  governing  body of the municipality shall
19    appoint the trustees for the district;
20        (3)  If the district is wholly contained within a  single
21    county,  the  trustees for the district shall be appointed by
22    the presiding officer of the county board with the advice and
23    consent of the county board;
24        (4)  If the district is located in more than one  county,
25    the number of trustees who are residents of a county shall be
26    in  proportion,  as  nearly  as practicable, to the number of
27    residents of the  district  who  reside  in  that  county  in
28    relation  to  the total population of the district.  Trustees
29    shall be appointed by the county board  of  their  respective
30    counties,  or in the case of a home rule county as defined by
31    Article VII, Section 6 of the Constitution of  1970,  by  the
                            -2-                LRB9011016MWpc
 1    chief  executive  officer  of that county with the advice and
 2    consent of the county board.
 3        Upon the expiration of the term of a trustee  who  is  in
 4    office  on the effective date of this Amendatory Act of 1975,
 5    the successor shall be a  resident  of  whichever  county  is
 6    entitled  to  such representation in order to bring about the
 7    proportional representation required herein, and he shall  be
 8    appointed by the appointing authority of that county.
 9        Thereafter, each trustee shall be succeeded by a resident
10    of  the  same  county  who  shall  be  appointed  by the same
11    appointing  authority;  however,  the   provisions   of   the
12    preceding  paragraph  shall  apply  to the appointment of the
13    successor to each trustee who is in office at the time of the
14    publication of each decennial Federal census of population.
15        Within 60 days after the adoption of this Act as provided
16    in Section 2 hereof,  the  appropriate  appointing  authority
17    shall   appoint   7  trustees  who  shall  hold  that  office
18    respectively one for one, one for 2, one for 3, 2 for 4 and 2
19    for 5 years from the first Monday of  May  next  after  their
20    appointment  as designated by the appointing authority at the
21    time of appointment and until their successors are  appointed
22    and  have  qualified. Thereafter on or after the first Monday
23    in May of each year the appointing  authority  shall  appoint
24    successors  whose  term  shall  be for 5 years commencing the
25    first Monday  in  May  of  the  year  they  are  respectively
26    appointed.   If the circuit court finds that the size, number
27    of members, and scale of operations  of  the  water  district
28    justifies a Board of Trustees of less than 7 members he shall
29    rule  that  such  board  shall  have 3 or 5 members.  Initial
30    appointments to a 3 member board shall be as follows: one for
31    one, one for 2, and one for 3 years.  Initial appointments to
32    a 5 member board shall be as follows: one for one, one for 2,
33    one for 3, one for 4 and one for 5 years.  In each such  case
34    the  term of office and method of appointing successors shall
                            -3-                LRB9011016MWpc
 1    be as provided in this Section  for  7  member  boards.   The
 2    appointing  authority  shall require each of such trustees to
 3    enter a bond with security to be approved by  the  appointing
 4    authority  in  such  sum  as  such  appointing  authority may
 5    determine.   A  majority  of  the  Board  of  Trustees  shall
 6    constitute a quorum, but a smaller number  may  adjourn  from
 7    day to day.  No trustee or employee of such district shall be
 8    directly  or  indirectly  interested in any contract, work or
 9    business of the district or the  sale  of  any  article,  the
10    expense,  price  or  consideration  of  which is paid by such
11    district, nor in the purchase of any real estate or  property
12    for or belonging to the district.
13        Whenever  a vacancy in such board of trustees shall occur
14    either from death, resignation, refusal to qualify or for any
15    other reason the appointing authority  shall  have  power  to
16    fill  such  vacancy by appointment. Such persons so appointed
17    or qualified for office in  the  manner  hereinbefore  stated
18    shall  thereupon  assume  the  duties  of  the office for the
19    unexpired term for which such person was appointed.
20        The trustees appointed under this Act shall be paid a sum
21    of not to exceed $1,500 $600 per annum for  their  respective
22    duties  as  trustees.  However, trustees appointed under this
23    Act for any public water district which acquires by  purchase
24    or  condemnation,  or  constructs, and maintains and operates
25    sewerage  properties  in  combination  with  its   waterworks
26    properties,  under the provisions of Section 23a of this Act,
27    shall be paid a sum of not to exceed $3,000 $1200  per  annum
28    for  their  respective  duties  as trustees.  Compensation in
29    either  case  shall  be  determined  by  resolution  of   the
30    respective  boards  of  trustees,  to  be adopted annually at
31    their first meeting in May.
32        Any public water district organized under this Act with a
33    board of trustees consisting of 7 members may have  the  size
34    of its board reduced as provided in Section 4.1.
                            -4-                LRB9011016MWpc
 1    (Source: P.A. 82-783.)
 2        Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
 3    becoming law.

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