State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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      ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 1
      ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 8
          Proposes to amend the Illinois Constitution with  respect
      to  legislative powers.  Authorizes electors to propose bills
      by petition.  Provides for submission of such bills  to  both
      houses  of  the  General  Assembly and for record votes to be
      taken.  Effective upon approval by the electors.
 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2                      CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT
 3        WHEREAS, We  are,  in  the  words  of  President  Abraham
 4    Lincoln,  a "government of the people, by the people, and for
 5    the people"; and
 6        WHEREAS, An amendment to the Illinois Constitution  built
 7    upon  the  Lincoln  principles  of  government  will serve to
 8    strengthen our democracy; and
 9        WHEREAS, The petition rights of our citizens are  central
10    to our form of self-government; therefore, be it
13    SENATE  CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that there shall be submitted to
14    the electors of the State for adoption or  rejection  at  the
15    general  election  next occurring at least 6 months after the
16    adoption of this resolution a proposition to amend Sections 1
17    and 8 of Article IV of the Constitution as follows:
18                             ARTICLE IV
19                           THE LEGISLATURE
20         (ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 1)
22        (a)  Except  as   provided   in   subsection   (b),   the
23    legislative  power is vested in a General Assembly consisting
24    of a Senate and a House of Representatives,  elected  by  the
25    electors from 59 Legislative Districts and 118 Representative
26    Districts.
27        (b)  The  electors  reserve to themselves the legislative
28    power to propose bills by petition for consideration  by  the
29    General  Assembly  as provided in subsection (b-5) of Section
30    8.
                            -2-                LRB9004473DJbd
 1    (Source: Amendment adopted at general  election  November  4,
 2    1980.)
 3         (ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 8)
 5        (a)  The  enacting clause of the laws of this State shall
 6    be: "Be it enacted by the People of the  State  of  Illinois,
 7    represented in the General Assembly."
 8        (b)  The  General Assembly shall enact laws only by bill.
 9    Except as provided in subsection (b-5), bills  may  originate
10    in either house, but may be amended or rejected by the other.
11        (b-5)  Bills  may  be  proposed by a petition signed by a
12    number of electors equal in number to  at  least  6%  of  the
13    total votes cast for candidates for Governor in the preceding
14    gubernatorial election.  A petition shall contain the text of
15    the  bill, shall have been signed by the petitioning electors
16    not more than one year preceding the filing of the  petition,
17    and  shall  be  filed with the Secretary of State not earlier
18    than the second Wednesday in January  in  any  year  and  not
19    later  than  the fourth Wednesday in March in that year.  The
20    procedure for determining the validity and sufficiency  of  a
21    petition  shall  be  provided by law, but the procedure shall
22    take not longer than 30 days.
23        If a petition is determined to be valid and sufficient as
24    provided by law, the bill proposed by the petition  shall  be
25    proposed  to  the  members of the House of Representatives by
26    the Speaker of  the  House  of  Representatives  and  to  the
27    members  of  the  Senate by the President of the Senate.  The
28    bill may not be amended by either house.  A  record  vote  of
29    all  the  members of the House of Representatives and all the
30    members of the Senate shall be taken on  the  bill  not  more
31    than 30 days after the petition is determined to be valid and
32    sufficient.
33        (c)  No  bill  shall become a law without the concurrence
                            -3-                LRB9004473DJbd
 1    of a majority of the members elected  to  each  house.  Final
 2    passage  of  a bill shall be by record vote. In the Senate at
 3    the request of two members, and in the House at  the  request
 4    of  five  members,  a  record  vote may be taken on any other
 5    occasion. A record vote is a vote by yeas and nays entered on
 6    the journal.
 7        (d)  A bill shall be read by  title  on  three  different
 8    days  in  each house. A bill and each amendment thereto shall
 9    be reproduced and placed on the desk of  each  member  before
10    final passage.
11        Bills,  except  bills  for  appropriations  and  for  the
12    codification,  revision  or  rearrangement  of laws, shall be
13    confined to one subject. Appropriation bills shall be limited
14    to the subject of appropriations.
15        A  bill  expressly  amending  a  law  shall   set   forth
16    completely the sections amended.
17        The  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Representatives and the
18    President of the Senate shall sign each bill that passes both
19    houses  to  certify  that  the  procedural  requirements  for
20    passage have been met.
21    (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
22                              SCHEDULE
23        This Constitutional Amendment takes effect upon  approval
24    by the electors of this State.

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