State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, America's economy and workforce  system  are  in
 3    the  midst  of  change;  business  is  demanding more skilled
 4    employees while cutting its labor force; and
 5        WHEREAS, There is a great need for advanced training  for
 6    America's  workforce in order to meet the requirements of job
 7    opportunities; and
 8        WHEREAS, The nation's workforce development  system  must
 9    reach  out  to  those who have been downsized, people leaving
10    welfare, students, and those looking  for  their  very  first
11    job, offering educational and vocational training to those in
12    need; therefore, be it
15    SENATE  CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that  we urge Congress to ensure
16    that the core principles outlined below  are  implemented  in
17    any  restructuring  of  workforce  programs,  whether through
18    legislation or regulatory and  administrative  modifications;
19    and be it further
20        RESOLVED,  That we build on the successful employment and
21    training partnership model we have  developed  between  local
22    businesses,    public    and   private   sector   educational
23    institutions,  labor   organizations,   and   community-based
24    agencies; and be it further
25        RESOLVED,  That  America's  workforce  development system
26    must continue  to  recognize  the  value  of  local  decision
27    making;  responsibility must remain vested in local entities,
28    under the leadership of chief local  elected  officials,  for
29    overall  direction and operation of their programs; and be it
30    further
31        RESOLVED, That  the  system  should  offer  comprehensive
                            -2-               LRB9005070CBcbB
 1    services,    universal   access,   and   life-long   learning
 2    possibilities for both employers and individuals;  localities
 3    must  have  the  flexibility  and  freedom  from  mandates to
 4    integrate programs and tailor services to meet  their  needs;
 5    and be it further
 6        RESOLVED,  That  the  public/private  partnership concept
 7    that has worked so effectively under the  guidance  of  chief
 8    local elected officials should continue as the cornerstone of
 9    the   workforce  preparation  system;  the  emphasis  of  the
10    workforce development needs of the  private  sector  and  its
11    full  participation  in  every aspect of the system will help
12    private sector employers meet the challenge of  creating  job
13    opportunities for every American; and be it further
14        RESOLVED,  That  needs based funding should be maintained
15    in  allocating  federal  and  State  financial  resources  to
16    localities for workforce development, taking into account the
17    unemployed, underemployed, dislocated  workers,  and  at-risk
18    youth; and be it further
19        RESOLVED,  That  we  feel  that  the restructuring of the
20    workforce system will enable the success of the goals of  the
21    recent welfare reform legislation; and be it further
22        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
23    delivered to Governor Jim Edgar, to the President pro tempore
24    and Minority Leader of  the  United  States  Senate,  to  the
25    Speaker  and  Minority  Leader  of the United States House of
26    Representatives,  and  to  each  member   of   the   Illinois
27    congressional delegation.

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