State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The  property  tax  is  the  primary  source  of
 3    funding for local governments and school districts; and
 4        WHEREAS,  Property  tax  caps  in  Cook  and  the  collar
 5    counties  provided  taxpayers nearly $500 million in property
 6    tax relief from tax years 1991 through 1995; and
 7        WHEREAS, Downstate property tax caps have been adopted in
 8    23 downstate counties since November 1996; and  taxpayers  in
 9    these  23  counties  can be expected to benefit significantly
10    from property tax caps; and
11        WHEREAS, The complexity of the property  tax  system  and
12    the  significant number of taxing districts in Illinois leads
13    to a great deal of confusion and frustration to taxpayers and
14    senior citizens; therefore, be it
17    SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that the Comprehensive Property Tax
18    Study Commission is  created  consisting  of  12  members  as
19    follows:  4 members of the  Senate, 2 each to be appointed by
20    the President and Minority Leader of the  Senate;  4  members
21    of  the  House of Representatives, 2 each to be appointed  by
22    the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House; and  4  members
23    to  be  appointed by the Governor, one who is a member of the
24    business community,  one who is a  member  of  the  education
25    community, one who is a member of the  corporate authority of
26    a  unit of local government other than a school district, and
27    one who shall  be  chosen  at  large;  the  Commission  shall
28    select from its membership a chairman and such other officers
29    as  it  considers  necessary  by  a  majority  vote  of those
30    appointed; however, the Commission may  not  hold  its  first
31    hearing or select a chairman or other officers until at least
32    6  members  have  been  appointed;  members of the Commission
                            -2-               LRB9007886KDksC
 1    shall serve without compensation but shall be  reimbursed for
 2    actual expenses incurred in the performance of their  duties;
 3    and be it further
 4        RESOLVED,   That   the   Commission   shall   study   the
 5    complicated issues surrounding the reliance on local property
 6    tax  revenues  to    fund the schools in the State; the study
 7    shall take into account the following factors:
 8             (1)  The need for equal treatment of taxpayers;
 9             (2)  The large number of taxing districts; and
10             (3)  The  need  to  expand  tax  caps  beyond  their
11        present  geographic  limits  to  protect  taxpayers  from
12        property tax bills that increase much faster  than  their
13        paycheck; and be it further
14        RESOLVED,   That  the  Commission  shall  report  to  the
15    Governor and the General Assembly  on or before November  15,
16    1998    its    findings,    recommendations,   and   proposed
17    legislation.

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