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90th General Assembly

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HJ0051 Enrolled                                LRB9010777KDks
 1                      HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 51
 2        WHEREAS, The current State sales tax on  coal  burned  in
 3    Illinois  raises  approximately  $60  million  each  year  in
 4    revenue for the State; and
 5        WHEREAS,  Ninety percent of Illinois coal is purchased by
 6    the electric utility industry,  and  about  one-half  of  the
 7    electricity used in the State comes from coal-burning plants;
 8    and
 9        WHEREAS,  The  1990 federal Clean Air Act amendments have
10    resulted in fuel switching from Illinois high-sulfur coal  to
11    western, low-sulfur coal to generate electricity; and
12        WHEREAS,  The  sale  of  Illinois  coal  has continued to
13    decrease,  due  primarily  to  increased   competition   from
14    western,  low-sulfur coal, resulting in the loss of thousands
15    of jobs directly related to coal mining; and
16        WHEREAS, Illinois  coal  is  mined  in  18  counties  and
17    accounts for as much as 16% of employment and 23% of personal
18    income in individual counties; and
19        WHEREAS,  The coal mining industry provides approximately
20    5,000 jobs and more than 17,000 spin-off jobs in  the  State;
21    and
22        WHEREAS, Almost $800 million has been spent on clean coal
23    technology projects to expand the use of high-sulfur Illinois
24    coal; and
25        WHEREAS,  It  is  important  to  keep  the  Illinois coal
26    industry  competitive  because  coal  is  the  State's   most
27    abundant   and   economically   important  natural  resource;
28    therefore, be it
HJ0051 Enrolled             -2-                LRB9010777KDks
 1    SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that  a  12-member  Task  Force  be
 2    formed  to study the feasibility of eliminating the sales tax
 3    on Illinois  coal;  the  Task  Force  shall  consist  of  the
 4    Directors,  or  their designees, of the Department of Revenue
 5    and  the Department of  Commerce  and  Community  Affairs;  a
 6    member  of  the  Illinois  Coal Development Board (within the
 7    Department of Natural Resources) appointed by the Director of
 8    the Department of Natural  Resources,  whom  shall  serve  as
 9    chairperson;  the  President  of the United Mine Workers; the
10    Vice President of the Illinois Coal Association;  one  member
11    appointed  by  the  Governor;  2  members  appointed  by  the
12    President  of the Senate; 2 members appointed  by the Speaker
13    of the House of Representatives; one member appointed by  the
14    Minority  Leader  of  the Senate; and one member appointed by
15    the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives,  all  of
16    whom shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed
17    for  their  reasonable  and  necessary expenses; appointments
18    made by the General Assembly shall be  made  within  30  days
19    after this Resolution is adopted; and be it further
20        RESOLVED,  That  the  Task  Force report its findings and
21    recommendations to the General Assembly and the  Governor  no
22    later than January 1, 1999; and be it further
23        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
24    delivered to the  Governor,  the  Speaker  of  the  House  of
25    Representatives,  the  President  of the Senate, the Minority
26    Leader of the House of Representatives, the  Minority  Leader
27    of  the Senate, and each member of the Illinois congressional
28    delegation.

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