State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, Illinois corporate income taxes are an important
 3    component of State fiscal policy; and
 4        WHEREAS,  Illinois  corporate  income  tax   expenditures
 5    affect  State  and  local  government revenues, corporate and
 6    personal property tax bases and rates, as  well  as  business
 7    investment decisions and employment growth; therefore, be it
10    SENATE  CONCURRING HEREIN, that there is created the Illinois
11    Task Force on Corporate Income Tax  Reform;  the  Task  Force
12    shall  be  composed of 16 members of the General Assembly:  4
13    members to be appointed  by  the  Speaker  of  the  House  of
14    Representatives,  one of whom shall be the Chairperson of the
15    House Committee on Revenue, 4 members to be appointed by  the
16    President of the Senate, one of whom shall be the Chairperson
17    of the Senate Committee on Revenue, 4 members to be appointed
18    by  the  Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, one
19    of whom shall be  the  Minority  Spokesperson  of  the  House
20    Committee on Revenue, and 4 members appointed by the Minority
21    Leader  of  the  Senate,  one  of  whom shall be the Minority
22    Spokesperson of the Senate Committee on Revenue; in addition,
23    the  Task  Force  shall  include  12  ex  officio  non-voting
24    members:  the Director of Commerce and Community  Affairs  or
25    his  or  her appointee, the Director of Revenue or his or her
26    appointee, the Director of Employment Security or his or  her
27    appointee,  the  Comptroller  or  his or her appointee, and 8
28    public members appointed 2 each by the legislative leaders to
29    equally represent the areas of  commerce,  labor,  education,
30    and local government; and be it further
31        RESOLVED,  That the Task Force shall be co-chaired by one
32    member  selected   by   the   Speaker   of   the   House   of
                            -2-                LRB9012364PTdv
 1    Representatives  and  one member selected by the President of
 2    the Senate; that the Task Force shall meet at the call of the
 3    co-chairpersons and act in a nonpartisan  manner  and  in  an
 4    information  gathering  capacity, may secure expert witnesses
 5    from industry, labor,  finance,  economics,  government,  and
 6    education, shall receive the assistance of legislative staffs
 7    and  the Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission, shall serve
 8    without   compensation,  but  expenses  of  the  Task   Force
 9    members,  witnesses,  and  staff  related  to public hearings
10    shall be reimbursed from appropriations made to the  Illinois
11    Economic and Fiscal Commission; and be it further
12        RESOLVED,  That the Task Force shall conduct a minimum of
13    4 public hearings between the adoption of this resolution and
14    December 31, 1998; that the subject of these  hearings  shall
15    include, but not be limited to, the following:
16        (a)  an  examination  of the genesis and economic reasons
17    for enactment of each corporate income tax expenditure;
18        (b)  the  overall  cumulative  fiscal  impact  of   these
19    expenditures on State and local government revenues;
20        (c)  the historical and projected growth rates of current
21    Illinois corporate income tax expenditures;
22        (d)  the  effects  of  State imposed corporate income tax
23    expenditures on corporate personal property  replacement  tax
24    bases  and  tax  revenues  for  local  governments and public
25    schools;
26        (e)  the  impact  of   federal   corporate   income   tax
27    expenditures   on  the  starting  point  for  computation  of
28    Illinois taxable corporate income;
29        (f)  Illinois'  current  tax   competitiveness   position
30    vis-a-vis other states;
31        (g)  the  measurable  effect  of  State  tax  expenditure
32    policies on corporate investment and employment growth; and
33        (h)  the  relative impact of tax expenditures on business
34    investment decisions; and be it further
                            -3-                LRB9012364PTdv
 1        RESOLVED, That  the Task Force shall approve and  provide
 2    a  final  written report no later than January 7, 1999 to the
 3    Governor, to the legislative  leaders,  and  to  the  General
 4    Assembly by filing copies of the report with the Clerk of the
 5    House  and the Secretary of the Senate; that the report shall
 6    include:
 7        (1)  significant findings and recommendations approved by
 8    a majority of the voting members;
 9        (2)  testimony from all witnesses  appearing  before  the
10    Task Force;
11        (3)  minutes from all Task Force meetings; and
12        (4)  an  appendix  for  individual  Task  Force  members'
13    viewpoints;  and  that upon filing its report, the Task Force
14    is dissolved; and be it further
15        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
16    presented  to the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of
17    Representatives, to the President and Minority Leader of  the
18    Senate,  to  the Directors of Revenue, Commerce and Community
19    Affairs, and Employment Security, to the Comptroller, and  to
20    the Governor.

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