State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS,  John  Bardeen,  professor   emeritus   of   the
 3    University of Illinois, was the first person to win two Nobel
 4    prizes  in physics, in 1956 for his collaboration in research
 5    and  discovery  of  the  transistor  and  in  1972  for   his
 6    participation   in   the   development   of   the  theory  of
 7    superconductivity; and
 8        WHEREAS, John Bardeen was born in Madison, Wisconsin,  on
 9    May  23,  1908  and died in Boston, Massachusetts, on January
10    30, 1991; and
11        WHEREAS,  He  studied  electrical  engineering   at   the
12    University  of  Wisconsin and received a bachelor's degree in
13    1928  and  a  master's  degree  in  1929;  he  worked  as   a
14    geophysicist  at  Gulf  Research Laboratories from 1930-1933;
15    and
16        WHEREAS, In 1933, he  returned  to  graduate  studies  in
17    mathematical  physics at Princeton University where he became
18    a member of the now famous group  of  students  that  studied
19    solid-state physics under Professor E. P. Wigner; and
20        WHEREAS,  He  spent three years as a Junior Fellow of the
21    Society of Fellows at Harvard University, and later  received
22    a doctorate from Princeton University; and
23        WHEREAS,  During World War II, John Bardeen was principal
24    physicist at the  U.S.  Ordnance  Laboratory  in  Washington,
25    D.C.;  after  the war, he joined the newly formed solid-state
26    research group at Bell Telephone Laboratories where, together
27    with W. H. Brattain, he discovered the  transistor  in  1947;
28    and
29        WHEREAS,   In   1951,  he  accepted  a  professorship  in
30    electrical engineering  and  physics  at  the  University  of
31    Illinois  where, in collaboration with L. N. Cooper and J. R.
                            -2-               LRB9005053CBcbA
 1    Schrieffer,  he   developed   the   microscopic   theory   of
 2    superconductivity; and
 3        WHEREAS, John Bardeen was named Professor Emeritus of the
 4    University of Illinois in 1975; and
 5        WHEREAS,  John  Bardeen  had  served  on  the President's
 6    Science Advisory Committee from 1959-1962 and  on  the  White
 7    House Science Council in the early 1980s; and
 8        WHEREAS, His honors were numerous and, in addition to the
 9    Nobel  prizes,  included  the  National Medal of Science, the
10    United States Medal of  Freedom,  the  Distinguished  Service
11    Award of the University of Illinois, the Lomonosov Gold Medal
12    of  the  Soviet  Academy  of  Sciences, and the Third Century
13    Award of the U.S. Patent Office; and
14        WHEREAS, John Bardeen was supported  through  his  career
15    and  private  life  by  his  wife,  Jane; his sons, James and
16    William;   his   daughter,   Elizabeth   Greytak;   and   his
17    grandchildren, Charles, Karen, William,  David,  Andrew,  and
18    Matthew; and
19        WHEREAS,  December 16, 1997 marks the 50th anniversary of
20    the first time John Bardeen and his fellow  physicists  heard
21    sound  through  their  transistor and December 23, 1997 marks
22    the anniversary of its first successful operation; therefore,
23    be it
26    join in paying tribute to the memory of John Bardeen  on  the
27    50th  anniversary  of  the  invention  of  the transistor and
28    applaud his many contributions; and be it further
29        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
30    presented to the family of John Bardeen.

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