State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, No place currently exists  to  transfer  between
 3    the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Ravenswood rapid transit
 4    (Brown)  line,  and  the Union Pacific North commuter line of
 5    the Northeast Illinois Regional  Commuter  Railroad  (METRA),
 6    thus  impeding the use of mass transportation by Chicago Cubs
 7    baseball fans going to and from Wrigley Field and by  Chicago
 8    residents  going  to  and  from  their  jobs  in the northern
 9    suburbs; and
10        WHEREAS, The Union  Pacific  North  line  runs  in  close
11    proximity  to the CTA's Ravenswood rapid transit (Brown) line
12    at the intersection of Addison Street and Lincoln  Avenue  in
13    Chicago   but   does  not  have  a  station  stop  near  this
14    intersection, though the Ravenswood line does have a  station
15    stop at Addison and Lincoln; and
16        WHEREAS,  Riders can otherwise transfer between the CTA's
17    Ravenswood (Brown) line to the  CTA's  Howard  rapid  transit
18    (Red) line, which serves Wrigley Field, at the Belmont Avenue
19    Station  or  between the CTA's Ravenswood (Brown) line to the
20    CTA bus line on Addison Street,  which  also  serves  Wrigley
21    Field; and
22        WHEREAS,   Wrigley   Field,   built   in   1914,  is  the
23    third-oldest  major  league  baseball  park,  has  a  seating
24    capacity of 38,719, and is  the  site  of  historic  baseball
25    moments,  such as Babe Ruth's "called shot" in 1932 and Ernie
26    Banks' 500th career home run in 1970; and
27        WHEREAS, The Chicago Cubs baseball  team  plays  81  home
28    games  each  year  at  Wrigley Field, has played major league
29    baseball within the "Friendly Confines" of Wrigley Field  for
30    83  years,  and  has set a city and franchise home attendance
31    record by drawing 2,491,942 fans to Wrigley  Field  in  1989;
32    and
                            -2-                LRB9003170KBkb
 1        WHEREAS,   A   system   of   parking  permits  and  other
 2    restrictions significantly limit available vehicle parking in
 3    the neighborhood surrounding Wrigley Field; and
 4        WHEREAS, A  link  between  METRA's  Union  Pacific  North
 5    commuter  line  and  the  CTA's  Ravenswood  (Brown) line and
 6    Addison Street bus line would create  a  convenient  form  of
 7    mass  transportation  for Chicago Cubs baseball fans going to
 8    and  from  Wrigley  Field,  relieve   traffic   and   parking
 9    congestion  in  the  neighborhood  surrounding Wrigley Field,
10    allow city residents to travel to their jobs in the  northern
11    suburbs,  bring  sales  and  jobs to the local community, and
12    increase the number of riders on both CTA and METRA lines  by
13    reducing  the  number  of times riders must transfer to reach
14    their destination; therefore, be it
17    Northeast Illinois  Regional  Commuter  Railroad  Corporation
18    (METRA),  the  Chicago  Transit  Authority,  and the Regional
19    Transportation Authority study the feasibility of creating  a
20    part-time  or full-time METRA train stop on the Union Pacific
21    North Line for travelers desiring to switch between the METRA
22    line and the Chicago  Transit  Authority's  Ravenswood  rapid
23    transit (Brown) line and its bus route on Addison Street; and
24    be it further
25        RESOLVED,  That METRA, the CTA, and the RTA shall present
26    their draft  of  this  study  to  the  Governor  and  General
27    Assembly prior to January 1, 1998; and be it further
28        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of  this preamble and
29    resolution  be  presented  to  the  Chair  of  the  Northeast
30    Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad,  to  the  Chair  of  the
31    Chicago  Transportation  Authority,  and  to the Chair of the
32    Regional Transportation Authority.

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