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90th General Assembly

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HR0077 Enrolled                                LRB9005435KBkb
 1                         HOUSE RESOLUTION 77
 2        WHEREAS, METRA Commuter Rail has a  purchase  of  service
 3    agreement  with  the  Union Pacific Railroad (UP) under which
 4    METRA pays UP to operate commuter rail service from Chicago's
 5    Northwestern Station at 500 W. Madison to  Geneva,  Illinois;
 6    and
 7        WHEREAS, This service currently stops at downtown Wheaton
 8    and downtown Winfield; and
 9        WHEREAS,  The  DuPage County Board moved its offices from
10    downtown  Wheaton  and  from  other  locations  to  a   large
11    consolidated  complex  of courts, administrative offices, and
12    several other significant buildings, all of which are next to
13    the DuPage County Fairgrounds; and
14        WHEREAS, This county complex, between  the  Winfield  and
15    Wheaton  commuter  rail  stops, has very heavy automobile use
16    which passes through residential neighborhoods; and
17        WHEREAS, The county fairgrounds periodically has a  large
18    influx of visitors from Chicago and other locations; and
19        WHEREAS,   Eight  separate  buildings  at  this  location
20    include the Courthouse, the Convalescent  Center,  the  Jail,
21    the  States  Attorney's  Office,  the Highway Department, the
22    Animal Control Center, the Coroner's Office,  and  the  Power
23    Plant; and
24        WHEREAS,  A  ninth  DuPage  County office building at the
25    same site includes the following: the County Clerk,  Recorder
26    of  Deeds,  County Treasurer, Building and Zoning office, Job
27    Training office,  Psychological  Services,  Human  Resources,
28    Credit  Union,  Supervisor  of Assessments, Board of Appeals,
29    Solid Waste, and the Environmental office; and
30        WHEREAS,  Chicago  residents  and  professionals   having
HR0077 Enrolled             -2-                LRB9005435KBkb
 1    offices  in  Chicago often need to transact business in these
 2    DuPage County offices; and
 3        WHEREAS, Three sets of UP tracks pass east and west along
 4    the north boundary and  in  close  proximity  to  the  county
 5    complex as well as next to the County Fairgrounds; and
 6        WHEREAS,  METRA  staff  studied the concept of creating a
 7    station stop at this high traffic location; and
 8        WHEREAS, No METRA stop  has  been  constructed  for  this
 9    location  which  generates  so  much auto traffic even though
10    tracks and potential passengers are both  currently  present;
11    and
12        WHEREAS,  Such  a  stop would create a convenient form of
13    public transit for residents and workers in Chicago when they
14    need to travel to the DuPage Fairgrounds or the DuPage County
15    Complex; therefore, be it
18    respectfully request the Chicago Area Transportation Study to
19    conduct a study as to the feasibility in creating a  commuter
20    rail stop at the DuPage County Complex; and be it further
21        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
22    delivered to the Chair of METRA, the Chair  of  the  Regional
23    Transit   Authority,   the   Chair  of  the  Chicago  Transit
24    Authority,  the  Executive  Director  of  the  Chicago   Area
25    Transportation  Study,  and the President of the Northeastern
26    Illinois Planning Commission.

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