State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The Dante Award is regarded as one of  Chicago's
 3    most  prestigious  honors; The Dante Award is presented to an
 4    outstanding individual who has demonstrated a  commitment  to
 5    the Italian community of Chicago; and
 6        WHEREAS,  The  Dante  Award's  credo  is  that  of  Dante
 7    Alighieri,  "One  should  never  be a timid friend to truth."
 8    This year The Joint Civic Committee of Italian  Americans  is
 9    pleased  to  present the Dante Award to Peter Walker, who has
10    demonstrated his allegiance to this credo; and
11        WHEREAS, Peter Walker is the Vice President  and  General
12    Manager  of WGN television in Chicago, a position he has held
13    since March of 1992; and
14        WHEREAS, Peter  Walker  received  his  Bachelor  of  Arts
15    degree  in  English  Literature from Amherst College in 1976;
16    and
17        WHEREAS, Peter Walker is the loving husband of  Victoria,
18    and they are the proud parents of three children; and
19        WHEREAS,  Peter  Walker  started  his career with a sales
20    position at a Chicago based trade magazine in  1976;  through
21    the training program at Peters, Griffin, and Woodward he went
22    on to enter the television representative field in 1978; and
23        WHEREAS, In 1980 Peter Walker became an Account Executive
24    at  Telerep,  and then went on to assume the position of Vice
25    President and  Manager  of  the  Independent  Team  at  Blair
26    Television  in  Chicago; In October of 1987 Mr. Walker joined
27    Tribune  Broadcasting  as  Local  Sales   Manager   for   WGN
28    television;  in December of that same year he was promoted to
29    Director of Sales; and
30        WHEREAS,  Mr. Walker moved on to Los  Angeles,  where  he
                            -2-                LRB9005456KBkb
 1    assumed the position of Vice President and Station Manager of
 2    KTLA-TV;  while  working  for  KTLA-TV Mr. Walker oversaw the
 3    sales and marketing  divisions,  production,  legal  affairs,
 4    station  operations,  and human resources, as well as helping
 5    launch KTLA's early morning newscast; and
 6        WHEREAS, Peter Walker returned to Chicago after  two  and
 7    one-half years with KTLA-TV, and was named Vice President and
 8    General Manager of WGN-TV; and
 9        WHEREAS,  Peter  Walker  is  Chairman  of the annual Bozo
10    Ball,  a  benefit  for  the  Off  the  Street  Club  and  WGN
11    Children's Charities; Mr. Walker  is  on  the  board  of  the
12    Easter  Seals Society of Metropolitan Chicago; he is a member
13    of the President's Council  of  the  Museum  of  Science  and
14    Industry;  and  he  serves  on  the Board of Directors of the
15    Chicago Academy of Sciences; and
16        WHEREAS, Peter  Walker  received  the  Tribune  Company's
17    Robert   W.   Reneker   Award  for  outstanding  professional
18    achievement in 1991, while working in Los Angeles; and
19        WHEREAS, Peter Walker formulated sales strategies at both
20    KTLA-TV and WGN-TV that contributed to record revenue  shares
21    and profits at both stations; therefore, be it
24    salute  the  career  of  Peter Walker and recognize him as he
25    receives the Dante Award from the Joint  Civic  Committee  of
26    Italian Americans; and be it further
27        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
28    presented to Peter Walker of WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois.

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