State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives wish
 3    to honor Augustine  Lehmann  upon  her  retirement  from  the
 4    University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois; and
 5        WHEREAS,  Augie  Lehmann  began  her  employment with the
 6    University of Chicago at the  age  of  fourteen;  she  worked
 7    first  with  the  Albert  Merritt  Billings  Hospital Dietary
 8    Department; initially she had been told that  there  were  no
 9    openings,  but  was  called  back by the dietitian, Miss Ella
10    Eck, who put Augie on a swing rotation from the diet  kitchen
11    to  the  main  kitchen  and the cafeteria; her first year she
12    worked 20 hours a week, earning 78 cents an hour; and
13        WHEREAS, Augie graduated  from  high  school  and  Peters
14    Business  College;  she  worked  for  private industry before
15    returning to the University of  Chicago  to  begin  her  work
16    within the secretarial sciences; and
17        WHEREAS,  Augie furthered her career at the University of
18    Chicago  by  working  within  many  different  areas  of  the
19    University; she worked within the Education  Department,  the
20    Enrico  Fermi Institute, the Sociology Department (within the
21    Center  for  Urban  Studies),  the  Physics  Department,  the
22    History Department, the  Pediatrics  Department's  Hematology
23    Section,  and  the Woodlawn Maternal and Child Health Center;
24    Augie  also  served  as  Vice  President  for  the  EEO   and
25    Affirmative Action Sponsored Programs; and
26        WHEREAS,  Augie  has had an interesting life as a part of
27    the University of Chicago; she worked as an independent  free
28    lance  typist  while on maternity leaves; at one time she was
29    at the campus to pick up a check when students, in the middle
30    of a riot to protest the Kent State College uprising,  seized
31    the  Administration  Building; Augie attempted to pick-up her
32    check, but her check remained upstairs; and
                            -2-               LRB9005500KBkbA
 1        WHEREAS,  Augie  is  the   Artistic   Director   of   the
 2    Afro-American   Playwrights   Inventive   Theatrical  Troupes
 3    Workshop (PITTinc) as well as the Director of the Abbott Park
 4    Society of Artists' Park  Poets;  Augie  has  helped  in  the
 5    establishment  of the International Black Writer's Conference
 6    and the Trinity Church Fine Arts/Literary Guild black history
 7    project; and
 8        WHEREAS,  Augie  made  the  decision  to  work   at   the
 9    University  of  Chicago  thirty-seven  years ago to be around
10    people with whom she enjoyed working; as a poet  and  author,
11    Augie  felt  the  need to be around people who could critique
12    her work; Augie  is  a  storyteller  who  holds  storytelling
13    sessions  and  readings  of her poetry in Abbott Park and the
14    Discovery Center, where she is an artist in residence;  Augie
15    credits  God's  blessing  for her career at the University of
16    Chicago, and is looking forward to her future along with  her
17    husband  John  Lehmann and her three daughters Carol, Janice,
18    and Gail; therefore, be it
21    commend Augustine "Augie" Lehmann as  she  retires  from  the
22    University  of  Chicago,  a  place  she  has  called home for
23    thirty-seven years; and be it further
24        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
25    presented to Augustine Lehmann of Chicago, Illinois.

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