State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives  are
 3    saddened  to  hear  of  the  death  of  Doctor Edward Keen of
 4    Springfield, Illinois; and
 5        WHEREAS,  Born  on  December  8,   1922,   in   Superior,
 6    Wisconsin, Ed took his German and Norwegian roots to Illinois
 7    where he grew up in the Village of Libertyville; and
 8        WHEREAS,  Ed  attended  Libertyville High School where he
 9    played both football and baseball,  prior  to  entering  Lake
10    Forest College; and
11        WHEREAS,  Ed  served  courageously  and  valiantly in the
12    United States Army's 84th Infantry Division,  Company  L,  in
13    Europe  during  the  Second  World  War,  was  captured,  and
14    subsequently  spent  six  months  in a German Prisoner of War
15    camp; and
16        WHEREAS, Having regained his health following the war, Ed
17    completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Lake Forest  College
18    in 1948; and
19        WHEREAS, On August 21 of that same year, Ed married Marge
20    Vetterkind and took a job teaching English at New Canton High
21    School,  after which  he transferred to Centralia High School
22    to continue teaching as well as coach football; and
23        WHEREAS,  Ed  received  his  Master's   degree   at   the
24    University of Missouri in 1954; and
25        WHEREAS,   Ed   then   became  the  principal  and  later
26    superintendent of the Williamsville/Sherman  School  District
27    where current State Representative Raymond Poe was a student;
28    and
29        WHEREAS, Ed returned to the University of Illinois, where
30    he received his Ph.D. in 1963; and
                            -2-                   HRSHRXXXXlr
 1        WHEREAS,  Ed became school superintendent for the Clinton
 2    school system, where former State Representative  Sam  Vinson
 3    was then a senior in high school; and
 4        WHEREAS, Ed held the position of school superintendent in
 5    Putnam County for 17 years
 6        WHEREAS,  Ed  served on the House Republican Research and
 7    Appropriations Staff from March 21, 1983 until June, 1993, as
 8    the elementary and secondary education analyst; and
 9        WHEREAS, Ed continued working for the good of all  public
10    school  children even after his retirement from staff through
11    his employment  as  a  public  education  advocate  with  the
12    Illinois Principals Association.
13        WHEREAS, Ed was active in the Rotary Club, as well as his
14    Army  Division's  Reunion organization, having once served as
15    the group's National President; and
16        WHEREAS, Ed  will  long  be  remembered  by  legislators,
17    staff,  and  lobbyists for his cheerful smile, quick wit, and
18    good sense of humor; and
19        WHEREAS, Doctor Edward Keen  is  survived  by  his  wife,
20    Marge;  his  loving  daughter  and son-in-law, Susan and Gary
21    Barton; his granddaughter, Stacy; his sister, Beverly  Small;
22    brothers  Douglas  and Arden; and many relatives and friends;
23    therefore, be it
26    mourn with the family of Doctor Edward Keen in their time  of
27    loss; and be it further
28        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
29    presented to the family of Doctor Edward Keen.

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