State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The Illinois House of Representatives is pleased
 3    to honor citizens of the State who  have  excelled  in  their
 4    chosen profession; and
 5        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst  was  born  in  rural  New Douglas,
 6    Illinois, on August 8, 1919; his parents were Fred and Louise
 7    Barbracke Ernst; Fred attended a local  one-room  schoolhouse
 8    through the eighth grade, attended three years of high school
 9    at  New  Douglas  High  School, and graduated from Greenville
10    High School, the first member of his family to  earn  a  high
11    school  degree;  upon  graduation Fred went into farming with
12    his brother, Lester; he married Irma Keiser in 1949; Fred and
13    Irma are the proud parents of daughters, Karen  and  Marilyn;
14    Karen is married to Lawrence Ruschhaupt, and is the mother of
15    Tim and Mark; and
16        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst  passed  a  milestone  in  township
17    government  in  September  of  1997  when  he  celebrated his
18    fiftieth consecutive year  as  a  township  official  in  New
19    Douglas  Township; on January 18, 1998, an open house will be
20    held at the New Douglas Community Center  to  recognize  Fred
21    Ernst and his achievements; and
22        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst was appointed township tax assessor
23    on September 2, 1947, filling an unexpired term; at the  time
24    of  Mr.  Ernst's  appointment, the tax assessor had to assess
25    personal property in addition to real  estate;  in  1978  the
26    personal  property tax was abolished, making his job somewhat
27    easier; in 1981 he ran for the office of township supervisor,
28    was elected, and will serve in  the  office  until  his  term
29    expires in April of 2001; and
30        WHEREAS, Fred Ernst has worked to improve the area in and
31    around  New Douglas Township; Mr. Ernst has worked to replace
32    all of the wood deck bridges in the  area,  paid  for  a  new
                            -2-                LRB9007876KBkb
 1    firehouse and two new fire engines with community development
 2    funds, and aided people in need by helping them to obtain the
 3    necessary government assistance; and
 4        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst  was asked to be a trustee of a new
 5    Fire Protection District in January of 1953; he accepted  the
 6    position  and  became the first treasurer-trustee of the fire
 7    district; Mr. Ernst continues to hold this position today; as
 8    a result of his hard work, four new fire  engine  pumpers,  a
 9    new  tanker  truck,  three  used  tanker  trucks,  and  a new
10    firehouse were purchased for the district; and
11        WHEREAS, On June 3, 1960, Fred Ernst was asked to fill an
12    opening on the New Douglas  Cemetery  Board,  a  position  he
13    still holds today; and
14        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst  has  served as a member of the New
15    Douglas Fire District board since 1976, and as  President  of
16    the board since 1982; and
17        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst  is  a  lifelong member of Immanuel
18    Lutheran  Church  in  New  Douglas;  he  has  held   numerous
19    positions in the church, and has been chairman several times;
20    and
21        WHEREAS, Fred Ernst received a certificate of recognition
22    for  twenty-five  years  of  service, as county committeeman,
23    from the United States Department of Agriculture through  the
24    Madison County ASCS office, on November 18, 1983; and
25        WHEREAS,  Fred  Ernst  has  deservedly  reached  a  great
26    milestone in a great career; therefore, be it
29    congratulate Fred Ernst of New Douglas, Illinois, on reaching
30    this anniversary occasion; and be it further
                            -3-                LRB9007876KBkb
 1        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
 2    presented to Fred Ernst.

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