State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  wish  to  congratulate Dick Ladzinski on his
 4    retirement from the Illinois State Council of Carpenters; and
 5        WHEREAS, Dick Ladzinski was born in LaSalle, Illinois, on
 6    January 20,  1933;  his  parents  were  Florence  and  Edward
 7    Ladzinski;  on  February  7,  1952  Dick became an apprentice
 8    carpenter; his  apprenticeship  was  interrupted  while  Dick
 9    served  his  country  in the Korean War; Dick served for four
10    years with the Seabees in Mobile  Construction  Battalion  #5
11    and   Amphibious   Construction  Battalion  #1  before  being
12    honorably discharged with the rank of  Builder  First  Class;
13    and
14        WHEREAS,  Dick  Ladzinski  became an active member of the
15    local union and was elected to serve as financial  secretary;
16    in 1967 he was elected to serve as Business Representative of
17    Local  Union  195  in  Peru,  Illinois;  Dick  was  an active
18    delegate to the  Illinois  Valley  Building  Trades  Council,
19    where  he  served  for  ten  years as a trustee to the Geneva
20    Welfare and Pension Fund; Dick also served as a member of the
21    LaSalle County Planning Commission; and
22        WHEREAS, After serving as Business  Representative,  Dick
23    was  elected  and  served  as  an organizer for the Fox River
24    Valley District Council, where he also  served  as  Secretary
25    for   five   years;   in  1983  Dick  was  elected  Executive
26    Secretary-Treasurer  of  the  Illinois   State   Council   of
27    Carpenters,  where  he  has  remained  until  his decision to
28    retire; and
29        WHEREAS, As Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Dick Ladzinski
30    has worked  as  a  registered  lobbyist,  planned  all  state
31    conventions,  organized  training  seminars,  worked in State
32    Fair  involvement,  and  he   has   planned   all   banquets,
                            -2-                LRB9011286KBkb
 1    entertainment,  and  major activities for the group; Dick has
 2    worked with the Prevailing Wage Committee and the  Prevailing
 3    Wage   Hearings,   he   has   campaigned  for  labor  related
 4    candidates, he has  raised  funds  for  the  Illinois  Valley
 5    Regional   Airport,  he  has  been  involved  with  CETA  and
 6    Weatherization activities, and he has worked with the Shelter
 7    Care Home; and
 8        WHEREAS, Dick Ladzinski was  married  to  Ruth  Wall  for
 9    thirty-three  years  until  her  death in 1987; together they
10    raised  eight  children:  Richard,  Michael,   David,   Mary,
11    Timothy, Susan, Thomas, and Julia; therefore, be it
14    congratulate  Dick  Ladzinski  on  his  retirement  from  the
15    Illinois State Council of Carpenters; and be it further
16        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
17    presented to Dick Ladzinski.

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