State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS,   Joint    public/private    participation    in
 3    transit-based   development,   the   concept   of   providing
 4    commercial, retail, and residential development opportunities
 5    (mixed-use  development  opportunities)  adjacent  to transit
 6    stations both in suburban and inner city areas,  has  assumed
 7    new importance in recent years as developers, architects, and
 8    government  transportation  and city planners have recognized
 9    the positive economic, community, and ridership benefits that
10    can  be  derived  from  development  in  close  proximity  to
11    transit; and
12        WHEREAS,    Planners    are    heralding    transit-based
13    developments  as  a  critical  tool  in  reducing sprawl, air
14    pollution, congestion, and urban disinvestment; in  providing
15    increased   mobility,   especially  to  a  transit  dependent
16    population; in creating affordable housing;  and in improving
17    livable communities located proximate to transit; and
18        WHEREAS, One of the  primary  missions  of  the  Lawrence
19    Avenue   Development   Corporation/North   River   Commission
20    (LADCOR/NRC)  is  to  develop  viable  urban  communities  by
21    providing  decent  housing  and a suitable living environment
22    and to expand economic opportunities through the planning and
23    development department of the City of Chicago (City), a  unit
24    of  local  government  existing under the Constitution of the
25    State of Illinois; and
26        WHEREAS, LADCOR, in cooperation with the Chicago  Transit
27    Authority  (CTA),  sponsored a community planning process and
28    request  for  proposals  for  a  transit  oriented  mixed-use
29    development at the Kimball property at the  terminus  of  the
30    CTA Ravenswood rapid transit line (the Brown Line); and
31        WHEREAS,  In  September  of 1994, the development team of
32    Williams   and   Nichols   (developer),   McBride   &   Kelly
                            -2-               LRB9012268MWpcA
 1    (architects), and Walker Parking (engineers and  consultants)
 2    was  selected  to  work with LADCOR and the CTA in developing
 3    the Kimball Station project; and
 4        WHEREAS, The project, which was  planned  in  conjunction
 5    with  the  CTA  and  with  the input of hundreds of citizens,
 6    local  organizations,  and  institutions,  is   designed   to
 7    accomplish  many  economic and social benefits, including but
 8    not limited to the following: (i) to develop a highly visible
 9    model project that  will  support  neighborhood  development,
10    transit use, and the integration of transit facilities into a
11    livable community, (ii) to preserve scarce transit resources,
12    increase  ridership,  and  generate  non-fare  box revenue by
13    building residential, commercial, or  institutional  projects
14    to  attract  transit  riders,  (iii)  to  provide Park-N-Ride
15    facilities  for  commuters  using  the  Brown  Line  and   to
16    facilitate projects that encourage the use of mass transit to
17    reduce  the number of vehicle miles traveled in Chicago, (iv)
18    to promote desirable uses adjacent  to  transit  stations  by
19    improving   the   aesthetics  of  the  stations  and  thereby
20    encouraging  increased  ridership  and  the  improvement   of
21    adjacent properties, (v) to create new, economically feasible
22    investment  opportunities to serve the immediate community by
23    creating   jobs,   affordable   housing,    new    commercial
24    opportunities,  and  new  tax  revenue, (vi) to addresses the
25    transportation crisis that threatens to erode the quality  of
26    life  throughout  the  region,  (vii)  to  encourage  private
27    investment  and  development in Albany Park, (viii) to create
28    and retain jobs for the neighborhood residents and assist  in
29    providing  quality  goods  and  services, and (ix) to promote
30    small  business  growth  and  to  encourage  activities  that
31    support affordable housing,  social  services,  and  cultural
32    opportunities; therefore, be it
                            -3-               LRB9012268MWpcA
 2    respectfully  petition  the City of Chicago, the City Council
 3    of the City of Chicago,  and  the  CTA  to  accelerate  their
 4    review,  approval,  and  construction of the proposed Kimball
 5    CTA project; and be it further
 6        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 7    delivered  to  the  City  of Chicago, the City Council of the
 8    City of Chicago, and the CTA.

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