State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, Social forces and organized gang activity  which
 3    fall  into  categories  which  are correlated with increasing
 4    criminal  activity  are  found,  unfortunately,  in  all   of
 5    Illinois' 102 counties; and
 6        WHEREAS,   The   percentage   of  total  Illinois  crime,
 7    including violent crime, which takes place in rural areas and
 8    counties is increasing as  a  percentage  of  total  Illinois
 9    crime; and
10        WHEREAS,  In contrast to these unfortunate social trends,
11    the Illinois State Police has allocated an  increasing  share
12    of its total resources to important but costly crime-fighting
13    efforts in Illinois' urban areas; and
14        WHEREAS,  These  new  urban  Illinois State Police duties
15    include traffic patrolling on the  superhighways  of  Chicago
16    and  East  St.  Louis,  operation  of the new city of Chicago
17    police crime lab,  and  operation  of  the  new  Joliet-based
18    Automated Fingerprint Identification System; and
19        WHEREAS,  In  response  to  recent  events in the town of
20    Cicero, the Illinois State Police has announced that it  will
21    take  on  routine  police  duties for six months in that Cook
22    County municipality; and
23        WHEREAS, Although these are all important  and  necessary
24    functions of the State in keeping the peace for the people of
25    Illinois,  they  all  work  together to reduce the effort and
26    time  which  the  Illinois  State  Police  can  allocate   to
27    crime-fighting  in  downstate  and  rural  areas of Illinois,
28    despite that fact  the  high-unemployment  and  comparatively
29    impoverished  areas of rural Illinois depend on help from the
30    Illinois State Police  to  keep  order  in  their  townships,
31    communities, and counties; therefore be it
                            -2-                LRB9012283RCks
 3    call  upon  the  Illinois State Police to continue to provide
 4    adequate  help  to  Illinois  rural  areas  in   facing   the
 5    challenges of increased criminal gang activity, increased use
 6    in downstate counties of methamphetamine and other controlled
 7    substances,  and  the  overall  convergence  in  the  rate of
 8    property crime and  violent  crime  between  Illinois'  urban
 9    areas and rural areas; and be it further
10        RESOLVED,  That we call upon the Illinois State Police to
11    commit itself to a  long-term  planning  exercise,  involving
12    consultation  with  a  wide  variety of community leaders and
13    professional peace officers from all areas of the  State,  to
14    determine the best long-term allocation of the State Police's
15    geographical  resources  for  the benefit of all Illinoisans;
16    and be it further
17        RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be presented  to
18    Illinois State Police Director Terrance W. Gainer.

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