State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives wish to congratulate Representative Robert W.
 4    Churchill  on his service to the people of the 62nd District;
 5    and
 6        WHEREAS, Representative Churchill is a resident  of  Lake
 7    County; he and his wife, Sandy, have three children: Abigail,
 8    Julia,  and  Christine;  Representative  Churchill received a
 9    Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science from
10    Northwestern  University,  and  his  Juris  Doctor  from  the
11    University of Iowa; and
12        WHEREAS, In 1903 the Grayslake Law Firm  was  started  by
13    Representative  Churchill's  grandfather,  and  he became the
14    third generation of attorneys when  he  joined  the  firm  in
15    1972; and
16        WHEREAS,  Representative  Churchill  was first elected to
17    the House in 1982 and served eight terms, focusing on  issues
18    he  believed important to the citizens of Lake County and the
19    entire State of Illinois; he was  a  delegate  to  the  1980,
20    1992, and 1996 Republican National Nominating Convention, and
21    an  alternate  delegate in 1984; he served as the Chairman of
22    the Lake County Republican Central  Committee  from  1990  to
23    1994;  from  1981  to 1983 he served as a Lake Villa Township
24    Trustee; and
25        WHEREAS, While a member of the Illinois General Assembly,
26    Representative Churchill served as the House Majority  Leader
27    during  the  89th  General  Assembly,  also  serving  as  the
28    Chairman  of the House Rules Committee; during his tenure, he
29    also  served  on  the  following  key  committees:   Minority
30    Spokesman  of  the Rules Committee, Minority Spokesman of the
31    Registration and Regulation Committee, Minority Spokesman  of
32    the  Revenue Committee, member of the Elections and State and
                            -2-               LRB9013810KBkbB
 1    Government  Administration,  Transportation,   Judiciary   I,
 2    Judiciary  II,  Public  Utilities,  and  Conflict of Interest
 3    Committees; Representative Churchill has been a member of the
 4    Legislative Space Needs Commission, serving  as  Co-Chairman;
 5    the  Economic  and Fiscal Commission, serving as Co-Chairman;
 6    and the Legislative Reference Bureau; and
 7        WHEREAS,   Representative   Churchill   served   on   the
 8    Legislative  Redistricting  Commission  in   1991,   spending
 9    countless  hours  working  and  traveling the State to ensure
10    that the citizens of the State of Illinois were provided  the
11    opportunity  to elect a person who could represent their area
12    and diverse backgrounds and interests in the Illinois General
13    Assembly; and
14        WHEREAS, Representative Churchill has  tirelessly  served
15    Lake  County  by working with various community organizations
16    including  Victory  Health   Services,   Zion-Benton   Moose,
17    Exchange  Club  of  Antioch,  Lake  Villa  Lions, Lake County
18    Community Action Project, Edward Bradley  Counseling  Center,
19    Lake  County  Easter  Seals;  Representative  Churchill  is a
20    member of the Lake County, Illinois State, and  American  Bar
21    Associations  and  was  a  director of First of American Bank
22    from 1976 to 1994; and
23        WHEREAS,  Representative  Churchill   has   distinguished
24    himself  as  the  leader  of  the  C.I.A.,  Churchill  Intern
25    Association,  allowing many young people from Lake County the
26    opportunity to begin their government and lobbying careers in
27    this esteemed body; therefore, be it
30    congratulate Representative Churchill on a job well done; and
31    be it further
32        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
                            -3-               LRB9013810KBkbB
 1    presented to Representative Churchill, along with our sincere
 2    regards.

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