State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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      225 ILCS 90/2             from Ch. 111, par. 4252
          Amends the Illinois Physical Therapy Act.  Provides  that
      the Act does not prohibit the practice of physical therapy by
      a  physical therapy student or a physical therapist assistant
      student under the  on-site  supervision  (instead  of  direct
      personal  supervision)  of  a  licensed  physical  therapist.
      Requires  the  physical therapist to be readily available for
      direct supervision and instruction to insure the  safety  and
      welfare of the patient.  Effective immediately.
SB1271 Enrolled                                LRB9008931NTmb
 1        AN  ACT  to amend the Health Care Worker Background Check
 2    Act by changing Section 15.
 3        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:
 5        Section  5.   The Health Care Worker Background Check Act
 6    is amended by changing Section 15 as follows:
 7        (225 ILCS 46/15)
 8        Sec. 15.  Definitions.  For the purposes of this Act, the
 9    following definitions apply:
10        "Applicant" means an individual seeking employment with a
11    health care employer who has received a bona fide conditional
12    offer of employment.
13        "Conditional offer of employment" means a bona fide offer
14    of employment by a health  care  employer  to  an  applicant,
15    which  is  contingent  upon  the receipt of a report from the
16    Department of State Police indicating that the applicant does
17    not have a record  of  conviction  of  any  of  the  criminal
18    offenses enumerated in Section 25.
19        "Direct  care"  means  the  provision  of nursing care or
20    assistance with meals, dressing, movement, bathing, or  other
21    personal  needs  or  maintenance,  or general supervision and
22    oversight  of  the  physical  and  mental  well-being  of  an
23    individual who is incapable of managing  his  or  her  person
24    whether  or  not  a  guardian  has  been  appointed  for that
25    individual.
26        "Health care employer" means:
27        (1)  the owner or licensee of any of the following:
28             (i)  a community living facility, as defined in  the
29        Community Living Facilities Act;
30             (ii)  a  life  care facility, as defined in the Life
31        Care Facilities Act;
SB1271 Enrolled            -2-                 LRB9008931NTmb
 1             (iii)  a long-term care facility, as defined in  the
 2        Nursing Home Care Act;
 3             (iv)  a  home  health agency, as defined in the Home
 4        Health Agency Licensing Act;
 5             (v)  a full  hospice,  as  defined  in  the  Hospice
 6        Program Licensing Act;
 7             (vi)  a   hospital,   as  defined  in  the  Hospital
 8        Licensing Act;
 9             (vii)  a  community  residential   alternative,   as
10        defined   in   the   Community  Residential  Alternatives
11        Licensing Act;
12             (viii)  a nurse agency,  as  defined  in  the  Nurse
13        Agency Licensing Act;
14             (ix)  a  respite  care  provider,  as defined in the
15        Respite Program Act;
16             (x)  a supportive living program, as defined in  the
17        Illinois Public Aid Code;
18        (2)  a  day  training program certified by the Department
19    of Human Services;  or
20        (3)  a community integrated living  arrangement  operated
21    by  a  community  mental  health  and  developmental  service
22    agency,   as   defined  in  the  Community-Integrated  Living
23    Arrangements Licensing and Certification Act.
24        "Initiate" means the obtaining of the authorization for a
25    record check from a student,  applicant,  or  employee.   The
26    educational  entity  or  health care employer or its designee
27    shall transmit all necessary  information  and  fees  to  the
28    Illinois State Police within 10 working days after receipt of
29    the authorization.
30    (Source:  P.A.  89-197,  eff.  7-21-95;  89-507, eff. 7-1-97;
31    89-674, eff. 8-14-96; 90-14, eff. 7-1-97.)

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