State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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      ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 3
          Proposes to amend the Legislature Article of the Illinois
      Constitution by making a technical change in the  legislative
      redistricting Section.  Effective upon voter approval.
 1                       SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2                      CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT
 5    CONCURRING HEREIN, that  there  shall  be  submitted  to  the
 6    electors  of  the  State  for  adoption  or  rejection at the
 7    general election next occurring at least 6 months  after  the
 8    adoption  of this resolution a proposition to amend Section 3
 9    of Article IV as follows:
10                             ARTICLE IV
11                           THE LEGISLATURE
12         (ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 3)
14        (a)  Legislative Districts shall be compact,  contiguous,
15    and  and  substantially  equal  in population. Representative
16    Districts shall be  compact,  contiguous,  and  substantially
17    equal in population.
18        (b)  In  the year following each Federal decennial census
19    year, the  General  Assembly  by  law  shall  redistrict  the
20    Legislative Districts and the Representative Districts.
21        If  no redistricting plan becomes effective by June 30 of
22    that year, a Legislative Redistricting  Commission  shall  be
23    constituted  not  later  than  July  10. The Commission shall
24    consist of eight members, no more than four of whom shall  be
25    members of the same political party.
26        The   Speaker   and  Minority  Leader  of  the  House  of
27    Representatives shall each  appoint  to  the  Commission  one
28    Representative  and  one  person  who  is not a member of the
29    General Assembly. The President and Minority  Leader  of  the
30    Senate  shall  each appoint to the Commission one Senator and
31    one person who is not a member of the General Assembly.
32        The members shall be certified to the Secretary of  State
                            -2-                LRB9012191JMmb
 1    by  the  appointing  authorities. A vacancy on the Commission
 2    shall be filled within five days by the authority  that  made
 3    the  original appointment. A Chairman and Vice Chairman shall
 4    be chosen by a majority of all members of the Commission.
 5        Not later than August 10, the Commission shall file  with
 6    the  Secretary  of  State a redistricting plan approved by at
 7    least five members.
 8        If the Commission fails to file an approved redistricting
 9    plan, the  Supreme  Court  shall  submit  the  names  of  two
10    persons, not of the same political party, to the Secretary of
11    State not later than September 1.
12        Not  later  than  September  5,  the  Secretary  of State
13    publicly shall draw by random selection the name  of  one  of
14    the  two  persons  to  serve  as  the  ninth  member  of  the
15    Commission.
16        Not  later than October 5, the Commission shall file with
17    the Secretary of State a redistricting plan  approved  by  at
18    least five members.
19        An  approved  redistricting plan filed with the Secretary
20    of State shall be presumed valid, shall have  the  force  and
21    effect  of  law  and  shall  be  published  promptly  by  the
22    Secretary of State.
23        The  Supreme  Court  shall  have  original  and exclusive
24    jurisdiction over actions concerning redistricting the  House
25    and  Senate,  which  shall  be  initiated  in the name of the
26    People of the State by the Attorney General.
27    (Source: Amendment adopted at general  election  November  4,
28    1980.)
29                              SCHEDULE
30        This  Constitutional Amendment takes effect upon approval
31    by the electors of this State.

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