State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                       SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, Recent published  reports  have  indicated  that
 3    before  and  during  World War II money and assets taken from
 4    Jewish captives of Nazi Germany  were  deposited  into  Swiss
 5    bank accounts; and
 6        WHEREAS, An attempt is being made by the Swiss government
 7    and  the  banks  of  Switzerland to establish a foundation to
 8    make amends for their country's dealings with  Nazi  Germany;
 9    and
10        WHEREAS,  The  Illinois  General  Assembly  welcomes  the
11    establishment of a Humanitarian Fund for Holocaust Victims by
12    Switzerland's three largest banks.  Their action represents a
13    hopeful  sign  of  Swiss  determination  to resolve fully and
14    fairly the matter of missing  Jewish  assets  deposited  into
15    Swiss banks before and during World War II; and
16        WHEREAS,  A full page advertisement in the Swiss press is
17    recent testimony to the wish  of  many  citizens  that  their
18    nation move firmly in the direction of compensation.  The ad,
19    a  petition  by  more  than  one  hundred Swiss academics and
20    artists demanding that Switzerland and its people acknowledge
21    their moral  obligations  toward  Jewish  groups,  reportedly
22    generated an outpouring of support from Switzerland's leaders
23    to  address  the  issue of public attitudes towards Jews, the
24    Holocaust, and the past in a serious way, including education
25    which raises issues  concerning  the  moral  dilemmas  facing
26    Switzerland during and after the war; and
27        WHEREAS,  Two  commissions  have  been established by the
28    Swiss  government  to   investigate   Switzerland's   wartime
29    dealings  that  can  illuminate  the  process.    The General
30    Assembly believes  the  establishment  of  these  commissions
31    further  reflects  Swiss recognition of a moral obligation to
32    uncover the truth, especially in light of the advanced age of
                            -2-               LRB9005446KBkbA
 1    the Holocaust survivor population; therefore, be it
 4    CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that we call for the Swiss government to
 5    make clear, unequivocal, and forceful statements to the Swiss
 6    citizenry condemning  any  expressions  of  anti-Semitism  in
 7    Switzerland; and be it further
 8        RESOLVED,  That  the  General  Assembly,  along  with the
 9    United States government and the organized Jewish  community,
10    welcomes   the  establishment  of  a  Humanitarian  Fund  for
11    Holocaust Victims by Switzerland's three largest  banks;  and
12    be it further
13        RESOLVED, That the General Assembly joins with the United
14    States  government  and  the  organized Jewish community in a
15    call for a full and honest  accounting  concerning  unclaimed
16    funds  and  for  adherence  by  all  to  the  highest ethical
17    standards in advancing a just and moral resolution that  will
18    serve  the  interests  of  all  parties  involved;  and be it
19    further
20        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
21    presented  to  the  Illinois  Congressional  delegation,  the
22    United  States Secretary of State, and the Counsel General of
23    Switzerland located in Chicago, Illinois.

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