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90th General Assembly

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90SJ0063 Engrossed                             LRB9012123PTbd
 1                   Senate Joint Resolution No. 63
 2               (As amended by Senate Amendment No. 1)
 3        WHEREAS, Illinois is home to a large and diverse array of
 4    fish and wildlife habitat and species, all of  which  require
 5    by  law  some  level  of  protection  and  management  by the
 6    Department of Natural Resources and other local,  State,  and
 7    federal agencies; and
 8        WHEREAS,  A  large  majority  of  Illinois' residents and
 9    visitors actively pursue and enjoy the State's  diverse  fish
10    and  wildlife  resources  as  documented by the 1996 National
11    Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife  Associated  Recreation  Survey
12    that  reported  3  million people in Illinois participated in
13    activities  such   as   bird   watching,   hiking,   wildlife
14    photography, and feeding; and
15        WHEREAS,  Wildlife recreation is an important part of the
16    State's economy and accounts  for more than $712  million  in
17    annual  retail sales, $474 million in wages and salaries, and
18    almost 21 thousand jobs in Illinois  according  to  the  1996
19    National Recreation Survey; and
20        WHEREAS,  The federal Pittman-Robertson and Wallop-Breaux
21    funds, administered by the United States  Fish  and  Wildlife
22    Service,  have been highly successful in helping Illinois and
23    other states protect sportfish  and  wildlife  resources  for
24    many  years through funds that accrue from small user fees in
25    the form of a federal excise  tax  on  firearms,  ammunition,
26    fishing tackle, motor boats, and motor boat fuel; and
27        WHEREAS, A similar and proposed user fee in the form of a
28    federal  excise  tax  on  selected  outdoor-related products,
29    including binoculars, field  guides,  tents,  and  bird  feed
30    would generate a new dedicated trust fund of $350 million per
31    year   nationally   for   state-level   fish   and   wildlife
32    conservation, recreation, and education programs; and
90SJ0063 Engrossed          -2-                LRB9012123PTbd
 1        WHEREAS,  A recent Gallup poll shows that nearly 3 out of
 2    4 (72%) of Illinois residents surveyed would support a slight
 3    cost increase in outdoor-related products to help maintain or
 4    increase wildlife, and nearly all respondents (97%) said that
 5    wildlife  and  conservation  education  in  the  schools   is
 6    important; and
 7        WHEREAS,  An  estimated  $13  million  of  these  federal
 8    matching  funds  would  accrue  to  the Department of Natural
 9    Resources for use by the Department and its State  and  local
10    partners  in  addressing  the  critical  needs  of  fish  and
11    wildlife species, as well as the recreational and educational
12    needs  of  Illinois  residents and visitors, especially those
13    who enjoy observing and learning about  our  State's  diverse
14    fish and wildlife resources; therefore, be it
17    CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that  we  respectfully  urge  the   U.S.
18    Congress  to  pass  legislation  proposed  by  the   Fish and
19    Wildlife  Diversity  Initiative,  known   as   Teaming   With
20    Wildlife,   to   create   a  new  dedicated  trust  fund  for
21    state-level fish and  wildlife  management,  which  would  be
22    administered  by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service;
23    and be it further
24        RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution  be  immediately
25    delivered  to  the Honorable William J. Clinton, President of
26    the United States, and to the President pro  tempore  of  the
27    U.S.   Senate,   the   Speaker   of   the   U.S.   House   of
28    Representatives,    and   each   member   of   the   Illinois
29    Congressional delegation.

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