State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                       SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS,  In  1973  a  small  group  of  Democratic   and
 3    Republican  State  legislators  met  in  Chicago  to  found a
 4    bipartisan membership association  that  would  advocate  the
 5    fundamental  Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited
 6    government,  federalism  and  individual  liberty;  this  new
 7    association  was  named  the  American  Legislative  Exchange
 8    Council (ALEC); and
 9        WHEREAS, Over the past quarter-century, ALEC has been  at
10    the   forefront   of   the   revitalization  of  the  federal
11    relationship between the states and the  national  government
12    in Washington, D.C.; and
13        WHEREAS,  ALEC  has  served  as  a  counterweight against
14    tendencies to further centralize government at  the  national
15    level  by  continuously  striving to return as much power and
16    resources as possible to the levels of government closest  to
17    the people; and
18        WHEREAS,  ALEC  is  now the largest bipartisan individual
19    membership association of state legislators, with 3,000 state
20    legislators, and 30 full-time staff members; and
21        WHEREAS, The  300  foundations,  companies,  and  private
22    sector   members   of   ALEC   form  a  vital  public-private
23    partnership that has stimulated a bounty  of  innovation  and
24    activity  at  the  state  level to the immense benefit of the
25    citizens of this nation; and
26        WHEREAS,  Through  its  nine  national  task  forces   on
27    Commerce  and  Economic  Development, Civil Justice, Criminal
28    Justice, Education, Energy,  Environment,  Natural  Resources
29    and  Agriculture,  Health  and Human Services, Tax and Fiscal
30    Policy, Telecommunications and  Information  Technology,  and
31    Trade  and  Transportation,  ALEC  has  created  vital public
                            -2-               SRS90SJ0027BWsa
 1    policy laboratories for the development of policy  strategies
 2    and model legislation for dissemination to the states; and
 3        WHEREAS,  ALEC  has  provided  a forum for innovation and
 4    communication among the  members'  states  through  its  task
 5    forces,  publications, and cooperative public-private efforts
 6    to reach common-sense, results-oriented policies; and
 7        WHEREAS, During its first  twenty-five  years,  ALEC  has
 8    performed  an  immeasurable  service  to  the  people of this
 9    nation by preserving for each of us  the  opportunity  to  be
10    effective   participants   in   the  greatest  representative
11    democracy on the face of the earth; and
12        WHEREAS, ALEC will hold its annual  meeting  in  Chicago,
13    Illinois on August 18-23, 1998; therefore be it
16    CONCURRING HEREIN, that the General  Assembly  pause  in  its
17    deliberations   to   congratulate  the  American  Legislative
18    Exchange  Council  on  the  occasion  of   its   twenty-fifth
19    anniversary  and  express  our  heartfelt  gratitude  for its
20    exemplary record of public service to its constituent  states
21    and to the republic; and be it further
22        RESOLVED,  That there is created a Host Committee for the
23    American Legislative Exchange Council's annual  meeting  held
24    in Chicago, Illinois on August 18-23, 1998; and be it further
25        RESOLVED,  That  the Host Committee shall consist of four
26    members, one appointed by each of  the  Legislative  Leaders;
27    and be it further
28        RESOLVED,   That  the  Host  Committee  shall  assist  in
29    formulating a plan for the procedures and activities  of  the
30    annual meeting; and be it further
                            -3-               SRS90SJ0027BWsa
 1        RESOLVED,  That we extend our best wishes to the American
 2    Legislative  Exchange  Council  for  a  long  and  productive
 3    future; and be it further
 4        RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be sent
 5    to the American Legislative Exchange Council  in  Washington,
 6    D.C.

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