State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The annual federal budget has not been  balanced
 3    since  1969,  and the federal public debt is now more than $5
 4    trillion, or $20,000 for  every  man,  woman,  and  child  in
 5    America; and
 6        WHEREAS,   Continued  deficit  spending  demonstrates  an
 7    unwillingness or inability of both the federal executive  and
 8    legislative   branches   to  spend  no  more  than  available
 9    revenues; and
10        WHEREAS, Fiscal irresponsibility at the federal level  is
11    lowering   our  standard  of  living,  destroying  jobs,  and
12    endangering  economic  opportunity  now  and  for  the   next
13    generation; and
14        WHEREAS,  The  federal  government's unlimited ability to
15    borrow raises  questions  about  fundamental  principles  and
16    responsibilities  of  government,  with  potentially profound
17    consequences for the nation and  its  People,  making  it  an
18    appropriate subject for limitation by the Constitution of the
19    United States; and
20        WHEREAS,  The Constitution of the United States vests the
21    ultimate   responsibility   to    approve    or    disapprove
22    constitutional  amendments with the People, as represented by
23    their elected State Legislatures, and opposition by  a  small
24    minority  repeatedly has thwarted the will of the People that
25    a Balanced Budget Amendment to  the  Constitution  should  be
26    submitted to the States for ratification; therefore, be it
28    OF  THE  STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge that the Congress of
29    the United States expeditiously  pass,  and  propose  to  the
30    Legislatures  of  the  several  States  for  ratification, an
31    amendment to the Constitution of the United States requiring,
                            -2-               LRB9001622CBcbA
 1    in the absence of a national emergency, that the total of all
 2    federal appropriations made by the Congress  for  any  fiscal
 3    year  may  not  exceed  the  total  of  all estimated federal
 4    revenues for that fiscal year; and be it further
 5        RESOLVED,  That  said  constitutional  amendment   should
 6    prohibit  appropriations  and  estimated  revenues from being
 7    reconciled through means of a tax increase; and be it further
 8        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
 9    forwarded  to  the  President of the United States Senate, to
10    the Speaker of the House of  Representatives  of  the  United
11    States,   to   each  member  of  the  Illinois  Congressional
12    Delegation, and to the Secretary of State and  the  presiding
13    officers  of  both  Houses of the Legislatures of each of the
14    other States in the Union.

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