State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 3    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE  OF  ILLINOIS, that the Rules of the
 4    Senate of the State of Illinois are amended by changing  Rule
 5    3-8 as follows:
 6        (Senate Rule 3-8)
 7        3-8.  Referrals to Committees.  (a)  All Senate Bills and
 8    House  Bills  shall,  after having been initially read by the
 9    Secretary, be automatically referred to the Rules  Committee,
10    which  may  thereafter  refer  any  such  bill before it to a
11    standing  committee.   The  Rules  Committee  may  refer  any
12    resolution before it to a standing  committee.   No  bill  or
13    resolution  may  be  referred  to a standing committee except
14    pursuant to this rule or Rule 7-17.  A standing committee may
15    refer a matter pending in that committee to a subcommittee of
16    that committee.
17        (b)  All floor amendments, joint action motions for final
18    action and conference committee reports  shall,  upon  filing
19    with  the  Secretary,  be automatically referred to the Rules
20    Committee.   No  such  amendment,  joint  action  motion   or
21    conference  committee  report may be considered by the Senate
22    unless  approved  for  such  consideration   by   the   Rules
23    Committee.    The  Rules  Committee  may  approve  any  floor
24    amendment, joint action motion for final action or conference
25    committee report that:  (i)  consists of  language  that  has
26    previously  been  favorably  reported  to  the  Senate  by  a
27    committee; (ii)  consists of technical or clarifying language
28    that  is  non-substantive  in  nature;  or (iii)  consists of
29    language deemed by the Rules Committee to be of an  emergency
30    nature or to be of substantial importance to the operation of
31    government  or  in the best interests of Illinois.  The Rules
32    Committee may refer any floor amendment, joint action  motion
                            -2-                LRB9002024REmb
 1    for final action or conference committee report to a standing
 2    committee   for   its   review  and  consideration  (in  such
 3    instances, and notwithstanding any other provision  of  these
 4    Senate  Rules,  the  standing committee may hold a hearing on
 5    and consider a joint action motion  for  final  action  or  a
 6    conference   committee   report   such  legislative  measures
 7    pursuant to one-hour advance  notice  or  a  floor  amendment
 8    pursuant  to  a  6-day advance notice).  Any floor amendment,
 9    joint action motion for final action or conference  committee
10    report  that is not approved by the Rules Committee is out of
11    order.
12        (c)  The Rules Committee  may  at  any  time  re-refer  a
13    legislative  measure  from  a committee to a Committee of the
14    Whole or to any other committee.
15        (d)  This rule may be suspended by a vote of three-fifths
16    of the members elected.
17    (Source: SR 2, 90th G.A.)

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