State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members of This Body were saddened to  learn
 3    of  the death of Marilyn Komosa of Chicago, Illinois on April
 4    2, 1997; and
 5        WHEREAS, Marilyn  Rozmarek  Komosa  was  a  distinguished
 6    member  of the Chicago community; Marilyn was the first woman
 7    of Polish descent to serve as Circuit Court judge within Cook
 8    County; Marilyn served on the bench from 1964 to  1996,  thus
 9    earning  her the distinction of holding that seat longer than
10    any other female judge at the trial level in Cook County; and
11        WHEREAS, Marilyn  Komosa  was  the  daughter  of  Charles
12    Rozmarek,  who  had  been  president  of  the Polish National
13    Alliance for 28 years and president of  the  Polish  American
14    Congress  for 24 years; from the age of 16, Marilyn  attended
15    many Polish National  Alliance  conventions  as  a  delegate;
16    Marilyn  served as a trustee of Alliance College and was vice
17    president of the Illinois  Division  of  the  Polish-American
18    Congress; and
19        WHEREAS,  Marilyn  Komosa  was a graduate of Northwestern
20    University; while attending Northwestern she was a member  of
21    Phi  Beta  Kappa;  Marilyn went on to graduate cum laude from
22    Loyola University Law School; Marilyn studied Spanish at  the
23    University  of  Mexico  and  the  Polish language at Alliance
24    College; and
25        WHEREAS, Marilyn Komosa worked in private practice and as
26    a public defender before her appointment as a magistrate  and
27    her election as a judge; Judge Komosa served on the bench for
28    31 years; and
29        WHEREAS, Marilyn Komosa served as a past president of the
30    Women's Bar Association, as a former director of the National
31    Association  of  Women  Judges, the first female president of
                            -2-                LRB9005516KBkb
 1    the Advocates Society of Polish American Attorneys, and  from
 2    1985  to 1994 she served as chairman of the Law Day Reception
 3    for  New  Citizens  that  was  sponsored   by   several   bar
 4    associations; and
 5        WHEREAS,   Marilyn  Komosa  is  survived  by  her  loving
 6    children, daughters Cathy Komosa and  Marilyn  Rogalski,  her
 7    sons  Edward  and  Charles,  her sister Elaine Tovar, and her
 8    granddaughter Alexandra; therefore, be it
10    OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS,  that  we  mourn,  along  with  her
11    family,  friends,  and associates, the death of Judge Marilyn
12    Komosa of Chicago, Illinois; and be it further
13        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
14    presented to the family of Marilyn Komosa.

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