State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, It was with deepest sorrow that the  members  of
 3    this  Body  learned  of  the passing of one of Illinois' most
 4    gifted  and  respected  citizens,  former  U.S.   Congressman
 5    Charles A. Hayes on Tuesday, April 8, 1997; and
 6        WHEREAS,   Mr.   Hayes'   influence  in  Chicago's  black
 7    independent  political  movement  was   only   one   of   his
 8    accomplishments  in  an  impressive  career of public service
 9    during  which  he  felled  racial  barriers  and  became   an
10    influential voice in labor issues and social justice; and
11        WHEREAS,  A  resident  of Chicago's Chatham neighborhood,
12    Mr. Hayes  leaves  to  survive  him  his  daughters,  Barbara
13    Delaney  and  Charlene;  his  sisters,  Maxine  McShan, Doris
14    Branch, Freda Barksdale,  Vivian  Robinson,  and  Helen;  his
15    brothers,  Ralph  and  Frederick; four grandchildren; and two
16    great-grandchildren; and
17        WHEREAS, Charles Hayes joined the labor movement  in  the
18    1930s;  he  organized  and  became president of a carpenters'
19    local in his hometown of Cairo; and
20        WHEREAS, After moving to the South Side  of  Chicago,  he
21    organized   African-American   meat-packers   into  a  United
22    Packinghouse Workers local, fights for desegregation  of  the
23    meat-packing  industry  and  equal  pay for black workers; he
24    later served as international vice president  of  the  United
25    Food & Commercial Workers; and
26        WHEREAS,  Charles  Hayes  was  elected  to succeed Harold
27    Washington in the United States  Congress  in  1983  and  was
28    re-elected four times; and
29        WHEREAS,  Charles  Hayes was active with the civil rights
30    movement and worked closely in Chicago with Dr. Martin Luther
31    King, Jr.; and
                            -2-                LRB9005535CBcb
 1        WHEREAS, Charles Hayes' commitment to civil rights and to
 2    the rights of union members will long be  remembered  by  the
 3    citizens of this State and the nation; and
 4        WHEREAS,  The citizens of Illinois have lost one of their
 5    most inspiring sons; therefore, be it
 7    OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn with profound  sorrow
 8    the  death  of  a respected man, Charles A. Hayes, and extend
 9    our sincere condolences to his family and friends; and be  it
10    further
11        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
12    presented to the family of Charles A. Hayes.

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