State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, Mother Teresa was born in Albania  in  1910;  at
 3    the  age  of  17, she joined the Irish Sisters of Loretto and
 4    taught school in Calcutta; and
 5        WHEREAS,  In  1948,  she  founded  the  Missionaries   of
 6    Charity;  the  Order  operates  over  540 schools, hospitals,
 7    hospices,  orphanages,  and  food  centers   in   more   than
 8    twenty-five countries, including the United States; and
 9        WHEREAS,  In  1979,  Mother  Teresa was awarded the Nobel
10    Peace Prize; and
11        WHEREAS, The  Missionaries  of  Charity,  with  unselfish
12    dedication  to  the  well-being  of  the  poor and destitute,
13    operate twenty homes in the United States to provide care and
14    comfort to patients with AIDS; twenty to forty  sisters  need
15    work permits every year; and
16        WHEREAS,  Mother Teresa and her missionaries come to this
17    country to care for the sick and dying and should  be  exempt
18    from  work  permit  fees  so  the  missionaries can use their
19    scarce funds to continue their charitable work; therefore, be
20    it
22    OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that  we  urge  the  United  States
23    Congress to enact legislation exempting Mother Teresa and the
24    Missionaries  of  Charity  from work permit fees while caring
25    for the sick and the dying in our country, enabling  them  to
26    use their funds for charitable works; and be it further
27        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
28    delivered to the President pro tempore of the  United  States
29    Senate,   the   Speaker   of   the  United  States  House  of
30    Representatives,   and   each   member   of   the    Illinois
31    congressional delegation.

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