State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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90SR0083 Enrolled
 1                          STATE OF ILLINOIS
 2                     NINETIETH GENERAL ASSEMBLY
 3                               SENATE
 4                      Senate Resolution No. 83
 5           Offered by Senators Syverson, Radogno, Karpiel,
 6             T. Walsh, Parker, Burzynski, Myers, Petka,
 7                    Fitzgerald and Rauschenberger
 8            WHEREAS, The federal government enacted the  Personal
 9    Responsibility  and  Work  Opportunity  Reconciliation Act of
10    1996 (P.L.  104-193)  which  made  sweeping  changes  to  the
11    nation's welfare system; and
12            WHEREAS,   The   federal   law  emphasizes  temporary
13    assistance  to  needy   families,   places   time-limits   on
14    assistance,   promotes   self-sufficiency  and  requires  and
15    rewards work achievement; and
16            WHEREAS,  The  federal  welfare  reform  bill   ended
17    federal food stamps benefits and Supplemental Security Income
18    (SSI)  benefits  for  an  estimated  1.2  million non-citizen
19    residents nationwide who had previously before been  eligible
20    for  those  benefits  and most immigrant families live in six
21    states - Illinois, Florida, California, New Jersey, New  York
22    and Texas; and
23            WHEREAS,  Congress  projected that the passage of the
24    federal welfare bill would save the federal government  $53.4
25    Billion; and
26            WHEREAS,  Forty-four  percent  of  that savings comes
27    from  denying  federal  food  stamp  and  SSI   benefits   to
28    non-citizen residents; and
29            WHEREAS,  The  federal  government  is block granting
30    welfare dollars to the states and requiring states to  design
31    their own welfare system; and
32            WHEREAS,   The   federal   government   pushed  their
33    responsibility for 1.2 million  legal  non-citizen  residents
90SR0083 Enrolled           -2-
 1    onto  the already overburdened and financially strapped state
 2    welfare systems; and
 3            WHEREAS, It  is  projected  that  33,000  non-citizen
 4    residents  in  Illinois will lose federal SSI  and food stamp
 5    benefits as a result of the enactment of P.L. 104-193; and
 6            WHEREAS, The federal government has not allocated any
 7    additional funds to the states to help the  states  alleviate
 8    the burden caused by the federal welfare cuts; and
 9            WHEREAS,  Illinois is already spending $111.5 million
10    to provide Temporary Assistance Needy Families  and  Medicaid
11    benefits to federally qualified non-citizens; and
12            WHEREAS,  The  United  States  Congress  is currently
13    drafting a budget proposal for the next Fiscal  Year  and  in
14    that  budget  proposal  Congress had indicated only a minimal
15    interest   in   providing   essential   funding   for   legal
16    non-citizens; and
17            WHEREAS,  The  federal  government   must   be   held
18    accountable for their actions taken to eliminate federal food
19    stamp   and  SSI  benefits  to  33,000  Illinois  immigrants;
20    therefore, be it
22    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the Illinois State
23    Senate strongly urges the  United  States  Congress  and  the
24    President of the United States to immediately restore federal
25    funding  and eligibility for Supplemental Security Income and
26    food stamp benefits for legal non-citizen residents;  and  be
27    it further
28            RESOLVED,  That suitable copies of this resolution be
29    immediately  forwarded  to  the  members  of   the   Illinois
30    Congressional  Delegation,  the  Speaker of the United States
31    House of Representatives, the Majority Leader of  the  United
90SR0083 Enrolled           -3-
 1    States Senate, and the President of the United States.
 2            Adopted by the Senate, June 1, 1997.

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