State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Senate were saddened to learn
 3    of the death of Circuit Judge Frank W. Barbaro of Orland Park
 4    on Monday, June 23, 1997; and
 5        WHEREAS, After graduating from DePaul University  College
 6    of  Law in 1948, Frank Barbaro worked in private practice and
 7    for the Cook County Public Defender's Office  before  joining
 8    the staff of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office; after
 9    five years he returned to private practice; and
10        WHEREAS,  He  was  named  a  magistrate  in  1965 and was
11    elected a judge  in  1974;  in  1982,  Frank  Barbaro  became
12    presiding judge of the 4th Municipal District; and
13        WHEREAS,  His  passing will be deeply felt by his family,
14    friends, and colleagues, especially his wife, Rosemarie;  his
15    son,  Gary  Sipich;  his  daughters  Kathy  Ludwig and Carrie
16    Calderone; six grandchildren; and his brothers  and  sisters;
17    and
18        WHEREAS,  Judge  Frank  Barbaro  exemplified  the highest
19    standards of the profession he served so long and  well;  his
20    wise  counsel  and  advice were a great and good influence on
21    all who have had the privilege of knowing him;  therefore  be
22    it
24    OF  THE  STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we join in mourning the loss
25    of Judge Frank W. Barbaro who leaves a  legacy  of  community
26    involvement  and  civic  concern  that  will long inspire the
27    citizens of this State; and be it further
28        RESOLVED, That we express our deep sense of loss  at  his
29    passing  and extend our sincere condolences to his family and
30    friends; and be it further
                            -2-                LRB9005901CBcb
 1        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 2    presented  to  his widow, Rosemarie Barbaro, as an expression
 3    of our sympathy.

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